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Published: 21 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Firestone Autoshop Scam artist and ripoff San Antonio Texas!!

Jay and Paul are a ripoff and scam they both are into it. If I haven’t went there they would have ripoff my father in law . My father in law told Paul not to touch the caliper they broke the caliper . Paul said and insisted he knows what he is doing even though my father in law told him not to touch it. Paul insisted it needs to be change and he won’t brake it . But Paul did not listen to the customer. I bought this this to Paul . Paul showed me the caliper its rusty I saw it I ask him politely my father in law told you not to touch it why you still touch it I ask him politely if a customers says no it means no don’t touch . Paul insisted it needs to be change because it’s rusty I told him again I don’t care its rusty or anything politely I again if a customer says no no means no don’t touch . Leave it alone . Paul again issisted it needs to be change because its rusty . Paul was just getting on my nerve he wanted me to repeat my self to him . It made me upset I told him the same thing . He finally told me they won’t charge for the caliper they broke. So I told them why would you charge us for a caliper you guys broke Paul was caught red handed if Paul just listen to the customer no means no. This was a set up they destroyed my caliper so my father would have no choice to get out of there and be locked to there service . What ripoff i ask Paul where is the estimate paper how much cost paper is at? So we know how much we going to pay ? To my surprised Paul did by give my father in law a copy of the estimate and we don’t know how much for everything . I ask Paul again what kinda Bussiness you running here? Paul ask me why I’am there I’m not to be involved I told Paul I am paying for the sevices I am paying for it don’t tell me to leave . I ask him again what kinda Bussiness you guys are running here I told Paul before you do work on any car you give estimate or reciept to the customer black and white no verbal words put it in papers and show it to the customer and let him have a copy Infront of me Paul was typing in the estimates but Paul started work already on the car . I ask Paul I want to speak to the manager jay . Paul did not want to call him Paul told me to look for the manager. I went inside I ask politely if I can speak to the manager the person I ask was jay the manager already jay the manager know what’s going on he can see us in the garage anyway I told jay the manager about everything . He went in and went back to me and he said we don’t have to worry about anything they won’t charge us for the caliper i told jay manager if a customer says no mean no it means no . Jay the manager is saying what I’m worrying about we did not pay the caliper they paid for it . Like I said again to Paul and to Jay again if a customers says no don’t touch it don’t touch I don’t care about there caliper leave the car alone and let my father go and find another place . Again jay manager say the same thing we gave you a free caliper again I told Jay manager my father in law told you guys no means no don’t touch means don’t touch . Finally Jay manager we might had language barrier he doesn’t want to go there he said he’s going to call the cops on me I need to leave the premises I told call the cops claiming I’m to laud at first you Jay is yelling . I told Jay I’m paying for the repairs don’t you send me out of here Jay yelling Your calipers are free why are you complaining . I did not talk to him no more because. Il bring this matter to there regional manager both Jay and Paul where covering up there rippoff scam . They where caught . My father in law came there in good term to get his brakes fix . Not to break it Paul could have told him there’s no other way we can do it and we need to break it in order for us to fix it . Give my father in law a estimate black and white paper so he knows what he is paying for and be worried free and knows what’s going on and have the money to pay for it . If my father in law says don’t touch it pls don’t and let him go and let him get a second opinion just leave the car alone .i feel bad for Paul and Jay there within age guys if you want respect you’ll have to earn it not fool people . After they finish my fathers in law car just for clippers two rears it took them the whole day for them to finish it I know they did that on purpose anyway it’s ok I would not recommend people to go to Firestone Because people like this works there or any Firestone .after they finish my father in law car they messed up the hand brake and and did not do a bleeding of the brakes which I paid for my father in law car I told him there’s nothin we can do I told him not to go places like that again lesson learn . This is not the right way to run a Bussiness

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