Florida technical college KISSIMEE

Florida technical college KISSIMEE Review

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Published: 09 August 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Florida technical college KISSIMEE FTC Waste of money, will rip you off, do not go here, you will be sorry! kissimmee Florida!!

The Kisimmee campus is very unprofessional. The employees are trained and told to keep the students long enough to drain them out of their financial aid. The students are not told that the credits at this school will not transfer to a state school. The students are not provided with the correct training because most of the instructors do not have the proper credentials to teach. There are some instructors who are only certified in other countries and states. This company also poorly trains their employees and some are not trained at all its learn as you go, so nobody really knows what they are doing. There are students in the HVAC (heating and AC) program who have zero hands on training but are allowed to graduate. Some of the students are given the wrong tools and go on interviews and cant get jobs because they have no hands on training and dont know what they are doing. With no experience and no hands on these students could kill or electricute themselves and blow somebody’s house or business up. This campus is also charging students money they dont owe. Students are told when they graduate that there is no balance but then months after they graduate they suddenly receive letters for thousands of dollars that they owe to the school all of a sudden. This school is also very racist and only caters to hispanics. A majority of the students speak spanish in class and the teachers speak spanish in class leaving the English speaking students feeling left out. The spanish culture is pushed on you and they continuously have spanish festivals parties and events playing spanish music. Alot of the staff and students you can hardly understand because they can barely speak English. This student hires criminals as staff. There is a guy named Jason A Casanas that was an admissions rep he was arrested for selling opium(heroin) and was spotted by a student that was in jail with him the same weekend. He was fired after that but he has a rap sheet. Look him up on mugshots.com if you cannot see this link mugshots.com/US-Counties/Florida/Osceola-County-FL/Jason-Amado-Casanas.57902399/details/. The teachers there are fraternizing with the students and “sleeping with students”” Just recently they fired 4-5 Chef’s that were instructors one by the name of Sotomayor and several more for sleeping with students so they just got fired and again this was swept under the rug. They had a lady named Angelina that was fired because she charged 14 thousand dollars to the school and she was verbally abusing students. They were also making the students be part of a WIA (workforce program) which is a government program. They were forcing students to be in this program and dragging students out of class and falsifying documents for the students so they could try to get free money from the government but the problem was that the students didnt want to participate because they were missing class and their education was being harmed. The students fight in classrooms and the cops stay at this school. This is a very dangerous school and the location is in a mall. One student got beaten by a gang and everybody saw his face and staff even asked him what happened but suddenly he disappeared from classes! This is gang territory. They even had a shoot out in their parking lot behind the building where people had to be airlifted.. Check the Kissimee police reports! There is minimal lighting behind the building so at night students and staff are walking in an unsafe enviroment. They only have security in the back of the school so if someone walks through the front door and wanted to harm students or staff they could very easily. Some students are told they have to pay to sit in class and if they dont they cant go to class and others are allowed to never pay if they go to the deans and cry they are allowed back in school. There are students that graduated without ever paying a dime. This school targets poor students

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