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Published: 14 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Frederick Snyder Rick Snyder Crooked Landlord, SlumLord, Bully Landlord, Thief Landlord Bradenton, Florida!!

My daughter moved into Mr. Snyder’s apartment (The Burgundy Condo II) in July of 2011. This was her first time renting and had a horrible experience with this landlord. He harassed her to the point she was miserable and hated living there just after a few months. She wanted to move but couldnt since she was stuck in a lease. Her apartment was broken into and he was angry at (her) and told her that she needs to get out now! She was crying and upset. This is only one thing that happened there are several, but too many to write. They only sprayed for bugs once and that was after she was already living there for several months and the apt was infested with roaches. The ac leaked and they told her to just keep a eye on it and put a bowl there or something. The bathroom light didnt work for 5 months and she had to use a lamp. Then the kitchen light stopped working and they sent a drug addict handyman over a few days later to fix it and it tore the whole thing down and put a bathroom type strip of lights there, and left his mess all over the floor and said he was done. Their so called cleaning lady appears to be a drug addict also. Mr. Snyder is crooked and will make you so miserable that you will want to run from there so he can keep your deposit or sue you for breaking a lease. He is violent and a bully and is very controlling with his wife and others. Theres alot more things he has done but like I said, too much to write. He does have a record and past tenants have filed some complaints on him and he knows how to work the system and has been getting away with it for years and will continue until someone somewhere does something about it.

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