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Published: 29 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Frontier Motor Cars Liars, cheats, and con artists who will take your money Milwaukee Wisconsin!!

I went to purchase a vehicle on Feb. 28,2007 at frontier motors. After wandering around on the lot a salesman by the name of Darrel Waycoff approached us (my friend and I). This is the same man who sold Myron of Grafton a P.O.S. car at frontier motors. He too has a Ripoff Scams. When I finally narrowed it down to the vehicle he pointed out and I liked we were going to take it for a test drive. When we got it on the road he had to drive it first, about a mile down the road Darrel starts to curse and pulls the vehicle over. He says the back left tire needs air. Darrel had failed to inspect the car before taking it out. He drives to the gas station and puts air in. There, he lets me take the wheel. I noticed how many miles it had and I immediately withdrew my excitement. It had 176,xxx miles on it. Darrel noticed I had a change of heart and tells me oh that’s no big deal, there all freeway miles those are the good miles. You’ll probally get another 100,000 miles out of it, it’s a cadillac!! I felt a little more at ease after he told me all that. We get back to the store and I explain to him that I’m a mother of a toddler, I’m going to school and I work. So I need a good reliable safe vehicle. I asked him all the questions one should ask when buying a car. I asked is there a warranty, he said yes, but it’s only for 3 months. I said is this a good safe reliable car, he says yes. I reconfirmed what he said about the miles and being able to get another 100,000 miles out of it, he said yes. I asked if was ever a rental he sid no. I asked if the car had been well mantained and taken care of. He said yes and the all the levels of the fluids were just topped off. Ect….Ect….. He told me everything I wanted to hear. We wrote up the contract and he told me to lie on the finacial form. We asked of this was legal he said yes, this just helps speed the process along. I asked for the dash to be fixed before I bought it b/c it was peeling up and he said they would fix it while we were doing the contract. When everything was all done I double checked to make sure the tire was good to go and the dashboard was taken care of. Darrel told me the tire was good and they didn’t have time to fix the dash, but I could come back at a later point and they would fix it. When I was driving home it was snow/rain and my wipers barley worked. Two days after I got the vehicle(1996 Cadillac Deville) the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light went on. I called Darrel he told me to filter out the old gas by putting in a new tank of fresh gas. The Back left tire went flat not once, not twice, but three times. I paid to have it patched and then I was told I needed a new tire, so I bought one. I had new wipers put on that I paid for. When my mechanic fixed the tire he did a check on the cadillac, there was a recall on it. Darrel never told me about that. I had the recall taken care of, luckily I didn’t have to pay for it b/c it was a recall. All the fluids Darrel said were just topped off was a lie. There was NO coolant and hardly any oil. I paid for that. At this point my patience are waring thin. The electronic accesories were giving me problems, but I couldn’t afford to fix them, something I also explained to Darrel. Two months after I bought the car, on April 31,2007, I was on my way back from school and the info center on the car says ENGINE IDLE, ENGINE OVERHEATING, TURN OFF ENGINE. So I pull off the freeway and shut off the engine for over an hour. Then I drove to the closest car repair shop. I paid to have it looked at. They told me there was a crack inthe head gasget, a leak in the water pump, and it needed a new motor. I wanted to scream everyting I didn’t want to happen just did. I got suckered into buying P.O.S. As soon as I got home I called frontier and spoke to Darrel expaining everything that has happpened and about what recently did with the motor. I also reminded him of his words. He could of cared less and told me they’d fix it at a discounted rate, but I’d still have to pay for the repairs. I said that wasn’t happening and reminded him of the warranty he told me about, he denied ever saying that. I said my friend was with me and he remembers what was said. He said I could talk to Mary Ennis, owner and finance manager. My boyfriend and I kept calling, but it wasn’t unti Thursday night I finally got a hold of Mary Ennis. I told her EVERYTHING and her respnse was basically I’m a big girl and I signed a contract and it;s not her problem.. I told her how they’ve been avoiding me b/c I’ve been calling. She says that’s funny b/c we only have records of you calling today. I said if she wanted to play that game I would get my phone records and she could see for herself. Several days later Christina from collections at frontier calls me. She says you;ve done so good making your payments on time, but you’re behind on your most recent. I told her the situation and said I refuse to pay for a car that doesn’t even work. I also said that since the cadillac needed a new motor I’ve been paying $150/week on a rental. I told her until Frontier cooperates in fixing the vehicle I will not be making any payments. She told me to call Josh a sales rep at frontier who could help me trade in the cadillac for a better car. But I would have to call hom tommorrow b/c he wasn’t in. I said that’s fine, but right now I want to speak to Darrel. (I wanted to rip him a new one.) She tells me Darrel is no longer with the company. I find this convient after talking to Mary threatening a lawyer, and telling her all the B.S. Darrel told us. Frontier Motor Cars on 5150 S. 27th st in Milwaukee, WI 53221 are nothing but two timing crooks, who pride themselves of in house financing. More like in home robbery and deciet. I hope people read this and there is a boycott of Frontier Motor cars. Lydia Sheboygan, WisconsinU.S.A.

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