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Published: 03 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Froviks Towing & Recovery AKA Chris Frovik You do not want to do business with the corrupt company or you will be sorry-hes a thief!! Blaine Minnesota!!

First for people to know is this towing company was sued by another towing company because cHRIS fROVIK did bad business and stole towing business from another agency he had a contract with. However Frovik won the case on minor details that both parties thought they had trust in each other. Chris Frovik does not do legit towing practices and shows up to the companys he services to tow their violators away in his personal vehicles to tag those vehicles so that nobody sees him around the property in his tow truck. His family has a few cars that they use to do this setup towing tactics and if you do business with this guy you are in trouble. FROVIK HAS HAD LOCAL ISSUES DOING THIS VERY TACTIC AT A LOCAL TOWNHOUSE ASSOCIATION IN THE BLAINE AREA. POLICE WERE CALLED ONE DAY AND FROVIK LEFT IN A HURRY BEFORE THEY GOT THERE. Chris is a theif and has been convicted of stealing a Skid Steer and charged and prosecuted for TWO FELONIES COUNT OF STEALING A VEHICLE VALUED AT OVER $41,000.00 AND LIED TO AUTHORITIES THAT HE CONTACTED THE OWNER BY CERTIFIED MAIL BUT DIDNT HAVE ANY DOCUMENTS TO SUPPORT HIS LIE. BELOW IS THE COPY OF THE NEWPAPER AD. There is more complaints on the local internet review sites where his business is advertising. BELOW IS THE NEWS REPORT. Coon Rapids resident who owns a towing company in Blaine faces two felony counts in Anoka County District Court. Christopher William Frovik 33, 10827 Yellow Pine St. N.W. was arraigned in court Jan. 14th on charges of receiving stolen property. (over $35,000.00)and motor vehicle theft. Frovik was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court on Oct. 26. In January 2012, Coon Rapids Police Det. Dave Westberg received information that there was a stolem yellow “bobcat machine”” with tracks instead of wheels at Frovik’s Towing

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