George Stanford (All Pro Realtors and Investments, Hesperia CA)

George Stanford (All Pro Realtors and Investments, Hesperia CA) Review

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Published: 02 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: George Stanford ,All Pro Realtors and Investments, Hesperia CA) Stanford Contracting, Victorville Rod NapierGail Napier-KelleyJeffrey Longshore ,Century 21 Fairway, Apple Valley, Kathy Higgs ,Cimarron Escrow, Victorville, Rowan Fletcher ,Cimarron Escrow, Victorville, Thief Broker & Lender Stealing Elderly Woman’s TWO Homes ,will be homeless, Hesperia California!!

As a senior woman who lives alone, with no family or savings, I found a way to insure life-long security for myself. Disability insurance of $408 a month motivated me to look beyond the truth of where my future was going. Before receiving disability I made a good living. Although I had purchased my larger home and property in 2007 and it was free and clear, I realized that in time one medical or unanticipated emergency could easily wipe me out altogether. So, when the smaller adjacent home went to an REO sale in May, 2013 I knew that home offered me life-long security. The price was $60,000. I have a lot of equity in my home. When I purchased it I paid $285,000 and invested over $60,000 in improvements, so my larger home could have a board/train business for multiple horses. My FICO score history was 780. I still couldnu2019t qualify for a conventional loan because of the lack of income. When a real estate broker came into Starbucks I asked him if he could help me get a loan. Broker/Owner George Stanford (All Pro Realtors & Investments, Hesperia CA), came to see both properties and later returned with his buddy Rod Napier. Both of them loved the properties. Damages to that home were extensive, and done by the previous owner who lost the home to foreclosure. So, I told Mr. Stanford that I needed $80,000. $60,000 to purchase the home and $20,000 to do the repairs and maintain my bills at my primary home until the other home was habitable so I could move there (downsize) and rent out my larger home and property. Buying that smaller home for me to move into offered me the security of a forever home, allowed me to downsize because utility usage and costs would drop significantly and there would be so much less property for me to have to maintain aloneu2014half an acre as opposed to three and a half acres. Because I have internal damage to both knees and a fractured ankle that healed improperly from a big rig accident years ago, I would be relieved of so much physical labor as I grow older. I had been watching that home for years hoping it would someday go up for sale. My larger home has always been too large for me by myself so, leasing out my home and facilities to a family involved with horses meant a good forever income for me. Before even getting the property (in April 2013), I called to get estimates for repairs to the smaller home. I was told the home could be habitable and ready within three weeks for $7100. This quote was based on making it habitable for meu2014an estimate for a tenant would have been more. Although Mr. Stanford and his buddy Mr. Napier agreed to loan me $80,000, when I got a check from escrow, it was for only $8600., not the promised $20,000. Not only could I not use the contractor because that would leave me with no more than $900 for bills, utilities and food, but now I had a whole new set of expenses associated with acquiring a new property. These strangers intentionally structured the loan in order to take my properties from me in a matter of months. Pocketing that needed money for repairs and bills guaranteed that I would lose both properties. Until other brokers, attorneys, lenders, real estate agents began telling me that this looks like a fraudulent loan, I didnu2019t know what had been done to me. George Stanford paid himself $5000 and his buddy (Rod Napieru2019s daughter, Gail Kelley) $4000. Initially, Mr. Stanfordu2019s claimed that heu201d just wanted to help me get a loanu201d and u201cdidnu2019t want to charge me anything.u201d This was probably said just to gain my trust since he was a perfect stranger to me. And because these two buddies were in their 80s I didnu2019t think to suspect them of anything. Because it was such a simple, straight forward and modest loan I didnu2019t think it necessitated going armed with a legal team in order to protect me from unscrupulous crooks. So, I was charged $80,000 for a $68,000 loan. Because all of these people have extensive backgrounds with real estate transactions and investing, they knew that it was simply a matter of verbally lying and promising me repair and bill money. Then robbing me of the promised money. This meant 1) I had no way of getting repair and bill money without them, which also meant that 2) I could never move into the small house since not habitable and 3) I could also never lease out my larger home to generate any income. This GUARANTEED them of me losing both of my properties AND very quickly. And it was so simple for them to do to me. (Such a simple idea: Donu2019t give the repair/bill money promisedu2014even such a small amount–and not only does that give those two cash to pocket, but you get further rewarded and get to steal TWO homes and properties. For $30,000 each when together both are valued at almost $400,000). Both Stanford and Napier knew that I couldnu2019t afford any repairs without repair money. And that I could not rent out any property if the purchased property was never made habitable. Does it make sense that I didnu2019t need money on top of the purchase? With my show of $408 a month? We all knew that repairs had to be done right away in order to get my larger home rented out for an immediate income. No one looked to my disability insurance of $408 a month for that. As an honest and fair-minded person, HOW would it even occur to me that these people would scheme on a simple, straight forward loan for $60,000 and $20,000 when they are making 10% interest on their loan money? NOW I realize that they had no interest in the money they were earning but wanted the properties instead. All the anguish I have suffered needlesslyu2014all because I am being robbed of not only both homes but this forces me to have no home at all. Stolen from me is my plan for life-long security for myself. ALL the costs and equipment I bought over the years and needed for my property–forced to sell in trying to survive and now the complete inability to survive. These strangers and thieves have maliciously destroyed a life. Then, I find George Stanford also named with Remax Performance Plus in Victorville, CA and Stanford Contracting in Victorville, CA also. This explains why Mr. Napier would deny me repair money to correct their wrong doing, despite my saying they would earn more money on a higher loan amount. Giving me 40% of the money promised and needed meant not having the ability to finish repairs or keep bills current. So, that $8000 was spent on having all new electric and all new plumbing that was ripped out of the walls and ceilings, repairs to the walls and ceilings, repairs and replacement to the tiled walls and toilets that were hammered, clearing and removing debris from outside where the cement had been hammered and brush and debris removed. At the same time, I tried to keep up with some of my bills at the main home. Now, there were double charges for two separate homesu2014taxes, insurance, utilities, fire hazard, trash. All expenses would have been met if not for having stolen the money. (I had so many people and families on reserveu2014ready to contact as soon as the home was habitable so mine would be vacant and available for tenants.) Within two months I was out of that money, forced to turn to my credit cards. I was trying to survive. Despite my pleading with Rod Napier every single time before selling off one of my few assets/equipment he wouldnu2019t let me borrow ANY amount. So, I sold my F-250,FX-255 Yanmar tractor, 7-horse stock trailer, 2-horse trailer, gave two horses away. Napier could have cared LESS. NO interest in doing the right thing. Or helping. He could have cared LESS when I lost my car insurance, had NO food and forced to wait until the 10th of every month for food stamps that I now qualify for, not being able to leave my property because I have no gas money, or that I lost my insurance and registration and auto club service needed for my safety. I am not able to have any repairs done to my caru2014bald tires, power steering hose leak, noise from the shocks needing replacement. Closed bank accounts means having to go to individual places to give partial cash payments for utilities–each month asking for extensionsu2014people that donu2019t have money themselves giving money for toilet paper and toothpaste and potatoes or a burger just to have a few basics. Credit cards maxed out with penaltiesu2014owing 29.999 for about $10,000 now. Next week I begin losing all utilitiesu2014including my only means for contacting people because Verizon will be cutting off my service. Iu2019ve exhausted all requests for extensions with all the different companies. The theft is so far-reaching. I have been reduced to a vagabond with only equity, but no money. That stolen repair money has cost me penalties, thousands of dollars, losing my only two properties. I have nowhere to go. Being isolated here and not knowing anyone, there is no one to help with anything. Neighbors just wave on their way by. This loan was done only for the broker and the lenderu2019s benefit. I have received not one single benefitu2014only harm and devastation, grief, torment, waste and financial ruin. They have bankrupted me completely. And now, threatening my survival. I have lost over 20 lbs., have sobbing outbursts out of nowhere and am unable to sleep at night, feeling the impending doom that hovers over me every single day and night. Alone, I frantically try to figure out what can be done. ALL of them played a role in this conspiracy. All of them. These people are thieves with NO conscience AT ALL. I didnu2019t come into this from any position of strength. I relied on their promise and having that money was crucial. Now,I am supposed to be thinking about homelessness and not about my security or any future. Strangers get to just steal all I have. Strangers get to throw me to the streets. They have exploited and wasted and stolen MY resources and hard labor and equity and properties and all equipment. I lose everything even a place to liveu2014all to common thugs. The house has had to sit vacant for over a year because I couldnu2019t buy materials or labor. The loss of income for the year would have been $20,400 plus the security deposit. I would have been receiving enough income and would not have had to sell any of my assets. I had countless people wanting to lease for $1700 a month. They just wanted to know when the house would be available. They had families and didnu2019t want a roommate. Now all attention has shiftedu2014no longer on getting repairs and income, but now trying to save the homes from foreclosure. Really despicable. And yet, I canu2019t begin breaking down and removing or stripping the property down, undoing all I have done over the years in making my property charming, inviting and warm. I keep the four acres immaculate. I hand rake all four acres by hand now since I had no choice but to sell the tractor in trying to survive. But no matter how much anguish and terror I am experiencing, no matter how many sobbing outbursts overcome me, I am still not one to retaliate or being harm to what I alone designed and created here. Selling one of the homes isnu2019t an option for me because that means I must live in the one that is not sold. And that means no income. One medical emergency means I have no home to use as leverage or to offset a financial devastation of any kind. I will only become more vulnerable the older I get. Other things that further establish intent to defraud me: Prior to these people there was another lender. ALL documents were in place with the banku2019s escrow (Service Link, Irvine CA), but that lender backed out the day before funding. Mr. Stanford demanded that the escrow be transferred to his u201cfriendsu201d at Cimarron escrow. As a result of this, in retrospect, I am now led to believe this was done so Cimarronu2019s loyalties would be with Stanford. They didnu2019t disclose information or respond to questions or take on a neutral role. The first documentu2014itemizing breakdown of costs made no sense at all. The columns and figures did not correspond or cancel each other out or balance out at all. I mistakenly questioned myself since none of the figures had anything to do with each other. (Kathy Higgs, the escrow agent with Cimarron claimed she didnu2019t know either). Later, another gal named Rowan Fletcher would play games through email about those same documents that seemed to disappear from their records altogether. BOTH homes and properties were taken as collateral. One would have been more than sufficient, but BOTH my owner occupied, free and clear primary residence and the purchased home and property were both taken. Typically, the borrower is given a 65% loan to value ratio. In my case, it was about 30% (On my TWO homes and properties). The facts are (as even suggested by Mr. Stanford himself in his letter sent to me only THREE months after close of escrow) Mr. Stanford is already stating that the lender must begin foreclosing on me. In other words, three months after getting a loan itu2019s time to raise the threat of foreclosing on two properties–a personu2019s primary residence AND their newly purchased property? Such a jump to threaten foreclosureu2014does this sound like a responsible broker at all interested in aiding or carrying out a personu2019s wishes in securing their future? And the only reason I survived this long was because I began selling all I had. Now I have nothing left to sell. He even goes further to say that I received u201cexcessu201d funds to pay to repair the u201cvandalism damagesu201d as well as received u201cexcess fundsu201d to make payments u201cin advance.u201d That only a “year later”” I would be in the position to u201crefinance and pay off the $80

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