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Published: 12 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: HARLEY DAVISION HOUSE OF HARLEY Life threatening adjustments not MADE as promised……nor refi promises kept BEFORE motorcycle was purchased…..hurt due to no outlook for consumer safty Milwaukee WIsconsin!!

I am a 62 yr old female who moves faster than my yrs. This is my first Bike. While looking for one the salesmen and the finance manager had told me many times over a period of 6 weeks that I had made the right choice. They knew I had not ridden before and had taken their classes. I went with the Bike due to being told that it CAN be Modified to fit my 120 lb 4’11 frame. So I did. when signing for the High interest I was also told all Harley’s are financed high and after 6 months I can bring the payment down so I would not lose the bike.Not to mention it could be bought back for full price within a time limit. After I signed the mechanics said NO to ALL.. and the salesmen said ?I would get used to it….I was scared…rode it ..(3).. miles and my feet and hands..(they moved the grips)….did not work and I got hurt….broken shoulder on right and left wrist not I am screwed for life plus Harley said they never heard of refi after 6 months…when I went to the dealership and called them to say I can not use the bike or stay at high pymts…they said…GOOD LUCK!!!!!… no one wanted the bike not damages( landed on grass)…and only has 3 miles on it so now two days ago it was vountary repossessed and no one will help me and my credit is gone as my arms…….that’s HARLEY and the HOUSE ZoF HARLEY DEALERSHIP

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