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Published: 29 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Henry’s Industries Henry’s Ind. Refused to pay me for last 3 paychecks stating billing was over 90days past!!! Lodi California!!

To begin with I have worked with a particular pharmaceutical companys consignment companies for a few years. Seems as companies came and went they became more and more deceitful, manipulative, mundane and at my previous location even illiterate. I worked for them for a few months working alongside some of the more respectful individuals I have had the privilege to know. Sadly though Henry’s payrate, delivery routes, and charges were enough to dwindle down the more talented and respectful delivery drivers to those who wouldn’t pass a drug test let alone an interview. What was once a happy and progressive environment now is a cut throat and depressed venue, enciting rage filled confrontations, cuts in pay and routes, and horrible deliveries made to locations due to non existant training and hirees. Drivers feel overwhelmed and if they try to negotiate a route to better supliment in pay, there greeted with a loss to their routes if not termination of their employment. The majority of drivers are minorities and are exploited for their nieveness of laws and security of employment. Fear is what motivates drivers and in exchange drivers vent on each other and the pharmaceutical companies clients. Its difficult in the beginning due to having to wait 45 days for your first check, your guaranteed to have to borrow against it, so you will have to ask for an advance which counts to a 10% fee, this goes against the remainder of what is left on your check. You have to pay an app fee per month of $27 which is the program you use to scan the medications, a mandatory check processing fee of $12.50 twice a month and a mandatory life insurance/disability insurance, which they call workmans comp $77 a month. You definitely see that the company nickles and dimes. They make you wear there apparel which you have to purchase through them shirts/hats/jackets ranging from $40-$100. As months progressed, it seemed clear that I was being singled out due to my defiance on there business practices. I saw less work and like others my paychecks seemed smaller and smaller. I left upset and dissapointed after arguing that my checks did not reflect my pay. I was told that billing department was unable to process the close to $3000 back pay due to being filed 90 days past due! How is that possible when I submitted it in time, it was accumilating up to $3000 since I began my complaints. I was furious feeling robbed and tossed aside like trash. These people were people I knew who were once dispatchers now hired as managers, they knew me for years, I was considered a reliable and professional driver, yet I saw how promotion to unqualified individuals, can bring about greed and deception within. All to recieve a nod or pat on the head by the corporate hooligans from Witchita Kansas. Luckily, since I was a backup driver to another working under him, he felt compelled to pay me what I was owed from his savings and I walked away from Henrys and my job. I reflect on it as I hear from previous coworkers, how its gotten so bad that C-2 narcotics go missing, drivers hired show up drunk or high, and racist actions go on about at that work site even to there own dispatchers and managers. I wanted to post this as a sign to others who have had this issue, who have had to deal, or will deal with Henry’s Industries. Don’t go quitely into that goodnight, don’t let this company stamp out moral and ethical decency, dont do business with them even if it seems like a profitable venture. In the end your only inviting malice and soon lawsuits against you and ignorance is no excuse.

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