Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The product is terrible quality, I specialize in extension and have for over 15 years. The company is very shady and not transparent at all with their product! They deleted my first review on their website as well as my second, therefore you only see good reviews on their site, not true reviews!!!! | Don’t believe everything that you read. Just because they have a bunch of positive reviews on their website doesn’t mean there aren’t any negative ones and unsatisfied customers. But ask yourself WHY isn’t they’re any negitive reviews on their social media and website???? Because they are just deleting all the negative. As Well as when I made a comment on their social media in regards to how I felt about the poor product quality and customer service. They deleted my comments three times, when I attempted to message them they then blocked me. Extremely unprofessional. | I ordered the 22” layered halo extensions this past week for my wedding, upon receiving i wasn’t impressed. I am a stylist, who is trained in 4 different systems of hair extensions, I work with production for hair and makeup as well as photographers on set for clients. I own my own business as well, doing hair and makeup for special events. | I wanted to try these to market to my clients. But I defiantly will not now after this situation and how the company handles themselves. Upon opening the hair felt rough and course, there are white wiry hairs blended all through out as if it isn’t truly 100% human hair. I at least reached out to them via email. Days later with no response, I them took it to social media and commented on one of their posts that I was unhappy and how i felt about the quality of the hair and their lack of response to my email. | They then deleted my comment on Instagram, so i posted it two more times, they each time deleted it and them blocked me!!! Most honest, professional and respectful companies would comment back and say something to the effect of “im sorry you’re unhappy, one of our team members will get back with you shortly” This was not the case with them, they just blocked me. Therefore i emailed them again, as well as messaged them on Facebook messenger. | The response from them was a technical support person will get back with me and that they don’t return the hair since it was worn. The hair hasn’t been worn yet, security tags removed yes, so i could actually inspect the hair, regardless of their return policy, I needed to see for myself the quality and you cannot do that unless you actually unfold the hair. | It reminds me of the hair i use to buy from the stores in Detroit for super cheap back when I was younger and didn’t know that you could buy better hair. Regardless, the lack of professionalism on the companies part and care for a customer satisfaction is shocking! I mean they literally couldn’t take the criticism so they blocked me, which tells me that they’re guilty of a bad product and don’t want people to know it. | So disappointed in this company and how they handle themselves. Don’t buy from them, contact Halo Couture and they will take better care of you! I called them and told them what happened and they rush ordered me hair from them, they were appalled but what I told them I experienced with Hidden Crown Hair.

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