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Published: 06 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: High Mountain Classics, Owner – Victor Holtorf 1954 Porsche Engine Restoration and Rebuild SCAM Berthoud Colorado!!

In April 2015, I hired High Mountain Classics (Victor Holtorf) to rebuild my 1954 Porsche 356 Super Engine based on the reputation of Jim Stranberg, founder of the company. I have since talked to Jim and he informed me he had sold the Company prior to my hiring Victor. In addition, he told me that he had never rebuilt a 356 Porsche engine in his entire career. After 452 man hours, $42,000, and 9 months, I received the car via flatbed from Greeley to my sonsu2019 warehouse in Denver. The car was delivered on January 8, 2016, and there were 12,656 miles on the car. During the 9- month period of time, I complained about the bills and the time it was taking. Victor would tell me the money I was spending was well worth it because the car was so valuable, and that the work was fully guaranteed to me as well as to a new buyer. Upon arrival to my sonsu2019 warehouse, the car was placed on a car lift for safety, and immediately listed for sale. A potential buyer responded to the ad and hired a 356 Senior PCA Judge for 23 years and a 356 mechanic with over 50 years of experience to inspect the car on his behalf. They arrived on Saturday, February 6th, at my sonsu2019 warehouse and spent over 3 hours inspecting the car. Due to the weather, they could not test drive the car. The car was still on the lift and had not been started or moved since delivery of the vehicle on January 8th. Their reports (documents on file) indicate excessive amounts of oil leaking from the flywheel, fuel pump, valve covers and other areas. They also indicate numerous cotter keys, nuts and washers had not been installed where needed on the car. Further indicated, “the carburetors need rebuilding

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