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Houston Repair and Remodeling Services Review

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Published: 14 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Houston Repair and Remodeling Services Philip Warwick Dishonest, untrustworthy, thief Spring Texas!!

I contacted Houston Repair and Remodeling Services based upon potential fabricated reviews from Angie’s List. Having just moved to the area, I needed some handyman work at my residence. If I only knew then, what I know now about Angie’s List and how providers can pay for favorable listings and preferential postings, I never would have signed up for this service. Mr. Warwick reported to my residence after failing to show up for an initial appointment. After spending a full day at my residence, verbally berating his employees (in my opinion), making racially offensive remarks about one of my neighbors, and destroying a golf ball display rack in my residence, Mr. Warwick failed to sufficiently complete, or adequately complete the work that I requested. Mr. Warwick collected over $1,850.00 for his feable attempt, and promised to return to complete the requested work, and to complete what he did not do properly the first time. Mr. Warwick returned a second time and charged me $500.00 for a piece of audio/visual equipment, specifically, a Peerless-AV, HD Flow, Pro Wireless Multi-media kit, model number HDS200. This equipment retails for as little as $351.44, and nowhere does it retail for $500.00. The installed equipment does not work. When confronted, Mr. Warwick offered to return to, hit the reset button. I explained that I already did this, and if he would provide the receipt, I would gladly exchange the product. I also requested the receipt in order to get warranty information on the product. Mr. Warwick refused to reimburse me for the equipment, and refused to provide a receipt, because in my opinion, he over-inflated the costs. After his second visit, Mr. Warwick charged me an additional $1,255.00 for his work. At this point, I had already paid over $3,500.00 for incompetent work. I wanted to cut my losses and find a provider who could actually complete work to a small degree of satisfaction. Mr. Warwick hung a closet door, which was done so poorly, that there is a noticeable gap and the door is not even straight. Mr. Warwick patched drywall that is embarassingly noticeable. Mr. Warwick failed to install surround sound in the living room with any degree of competency. Even though Mr. Warwick verbally solicited a favorable reply on the Angie’s List website, I was willing to overlook his inadequacies. In the course of his work, Mr. Warwick discovered that I had a sofa and loveseat that was less than two years old, and in perfect condition. It was my intention to donate this furniture to an IRS recognized charity for tax purposes. Mr. Warwick requested my furniture for his church. I explained that the furniture would be donated for tax purposes. Mr. Warwick offered to provide a receipt from his church, which he claimed was a recognized IRS Charitable Organization in exchange for the furniture. On October 5, 2013, Mr. Warwick arrived at my residence to pick up the furniture. On October 6, 2013, I contacted his office to inquire about the receipt for the furniture. I was advised that the office would contact Mr. Warwick the next day. Three days later, I was contacted by Mr. Warwck who wanted to know the value that I placed on the furniture. I advised Mr. Warwick that a receipt for $125.00 would suffice. On October 10, 2013, Mr. Warwick responded via e-mail, “Ok thx””. Six days later

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