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Hung Le Scam - ParetoProfits Review

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Published: 16 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Hung Le Scam – ParetoProfits Pareto Profits LLC,, Scam Internet!!

It is with absolute disgust and disappointment that I have had to resort to using Ripoff Scams as my last option against this scam artist who has conducted himself in the utmost unprofessional level and has scammed myself and a number of others off 10’s of thousands of dollars using the funds to source and scam other victims. We engaged the services of Hung Le from Pareto Profits mid last year who promised in written contract as well to help us double our business through his lead generation methods and other online marketing channels such as Facebook marketing and Linkedin marketing. The contract stated that if after 12 months our business did not double, we would get a FULL unconditional refund as the guarantee of his level of service. This was the hook he used to scam others as well. I told him in our meetings not to overpromise and underdeliver which looked like it was what he was doing. Fast forward 6 months later and not a single lead, I said to let’s keep it going and Hung Le was adamant on doubling our business very soon. Soon the 12 months passed and not a single lead came through from his help which meant I was nearly 20k out of pocket and also spent a few thousand more on funding various ads such as Facebook ads which charge separate/ This is when I asked Hung not to continue as I was able to successfully add many clients myself without his help and that our business relationship was to end since the 12 month timeframe was now up. This is a Guru who was boasting about how he was making over 170k a month…so this refund should have not been any issues for him. He asked for a payment arrangement of 4 payments to pay off the refund to which I agreed…boy what a mistake that was! I was refunded only $1500 and then he went missing. No replies to emails, calls, facebook messages…NOTHING! After reaching my patience limit, I sent him one final stern email citing I would let everyone in our mutual facebook groups know what treatment I had endured and all the time and money lost with him. Magically, Hung Le resurfaced and replied that he had family issues etc. and agreed to pay the rest out asap. Again this dragged on and I had to file a dispute with Paypal which again was the only reason Hung Le resurfaced as he had disputes against him. I successfully managed to get $4500 from paypal meaning that I only received 6k of my 18k owing. Since then this poor excuse of a human being has blocked me off everything. Several of our mutual busines collegues in our various Facebook groups messages him and he would reply to them instantly. Once they confronted him about the scam with me and others, he would block them, deleted them or ignore them alltogether. This scumbag thinks if he plays dead we would all go away. Hung is a very crafty scam artist, very gentle and good with words and knows how to get himself out of situations saying how he has paid up and/or he would resolve thing asap but he is still trying to sell his B.S online and is very actively using Facebook to look for other victims. We did warn him that we would report him and this is part of the process. Hopefully noone else will be conned by Hung Le who will very likely change his profile pics, business name, website etc. You have been warned! His profiles and websites are below: (now suspended since he could not pay for his hosting!)

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