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Published: 08 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Indiana Wesleyan University Tim Rush, Dr. Marlon Mitchell, Dr. Clark Douglas ~ Incompetent people will treat you unfairly ~ Fort Wayne, Indiana!!

Warning!!! Avoid Indiana Wesleyan University because it will give you a worthless degree and a huge debt. It is run by a bunch of incompetent thieves and liars.Contrary to what the University claims, the people running it are only interested in taking your money and the promotion of their own self interests and they will abuse their positions of power over you. The quality of education is extremely poor and this University should be avoided.I am an adult Leap MBA student that has attended Indiana Wesleyan University for about a year now. At first I did not think much of the first couple of classes being very easy, but it just continued and then I had an issue with a worthless, arrogant, and completely incompetent professor Tim Rush. The course was on marketing, but Tim Rush had never worked for a company in marketing, had no experience in marketing, and did not have a doctorate degree, making him completely unqualified. Tim Rush only had the same MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University that he attempted to regurgitate back to you. Tim Rush abuses his position by harassing the students that he is threatened by, because of his own incompetence, insecurity, and jealousy. I was harassed by Tim Rush in two classes and he also treated another classmate, in abusive ways.As the customer of the University, I pay a premium for a quality education, which you will not receive. It seems to me that the people running this University have forgotten their purpose and who the customer is, they act as if the students are there to serve them, instead of the other way around, like how it promotes servant leadership. I have not been impressed with the quality of the education and write this review to warn potential students to pursue their education at another university.My issue arose when I was attending ADM-510, which was taught by Tim Rush. In the course for unknown reasons Tim Rush felt that it was necessary to harass me repeatedly in the class, which I basically ignored and hoped that I would never have to take a course by him again. Unfortunately this was not the case and I had MGT-541 which once again was taught by Tim Rush. In MGT-541 Tim Rush changed towards being hostile towards me and at least one other student. At the end of the course I checked my grades only to find that I was being deducted points from assignments that werecorrect. I also saw that I was being deducted major points on the last assignment. The instructions that I received were extremely poor and filled with errors and I do claim some responsibility for the last assignment, but without clear written instructions and grading standards, the professors can do whatever they want and give you whatever grade that they want and they do. Tim Rush claims that he advised us that we were to resubmit the previous two sections in the last assignment, but I was not provided this in writing and this cannot be verified. Tim Rush was manipulative, controlling, insecure, and jealous towards me and the other student, which is probably why he acted the way he did.I of course appealed the erroneous deductions from my work, but it was nearly impossible to get my grade appeal processed. During the appeal process dean Dr. Marlon Mitchell was extremely rude and disrespectful of me. It became to such a point that I made him turn over the grade appeal to his boss Dr. Clark Douglas. The grade appeal was denied and I have no idea who made that decision or by what standards the decision was made upon. My guess is nothing, but their opinion or dislike of me. Upon requesting the notes from the meeting, it was discovered that the grade appeal had not been evaluated for all three items that it involved, the decision was made by evaluating just one item, the last assignment. As a paying customer, I shouldnt be harassed in the first place, and I expect that my grade appeal to be processed correctly. I think that it is embarrassing that the University provides grades, but cannot do its job correctly at the same time.During the grade appeal process I learned that Tim Rush had another student redo his marketing plan three times, but I was not given this same opportunity. This is not fair, I should have been offered the same opportunity of redoing my marketing plan. It seems that the professors do and grade however they want to, without accountability. There are no university guidelines for the professors conduct, nor one that specifies how they are to grade and on what standards. If an opportunity is given to one student it should be made available to all. After having learned this I notified Dr. Douglas, who just ignored the issue and repeatedly refused to respond to emails. Don’t expect to be treated fairly, by people that do not have any character or integrity.I have attempted to contact the universitys human resources department, but they just passed this issue on to the CAPS personnel, who have done nothing and I have been refused their contact information. It is impossible to contact anybody in a position of authority or file a complaint. Without accountability be prepared for the University to treat you unfairly and to take advantage of you.

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