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Published: 28 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Island Chevrolet Recalls are great if your car is broken, but horrible if the part was not in need of replacement. Charlottetown Prince Edward Island!!

On Oct 28 2007 I was having an issue with my turn signals on my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero GX Coupe. So I decided to bring it into Island Chevrolet to find out what I was looking at as far as repairs go. The technician took my VIN number and ran it on his computer. He then comes back and tells me that I have 3 over due recalls that need to performed on my vehicle. One of those recalls was to fix my turn signals to replace that unit, the next was a reprogramming of my computer and last and my favorite replacement of the shifter assembly. On Nov 1 2007 my vehicle went in for repair and to have the recalls performed. Now, before I took my vehicle in I asked if they could determine a noise coming from my car I advised them it was coming from my clutch or transmission and if they could just pin point it. I dropped my car of that day in the morning and then picked my vehicle up at 5pm that day. Go in I now have a bill owing for $59.55 for the diagnose of transmission and clutch, that I thought was fine, went and asked what the issue was they told me it is either coming from the clutch or transmission. I looked at the technician and said I already knew that, and you want me to pay for it? She then advised me in order to do that they’d have to drop the transmission out of my car to further diagnose it. To me it didn’t make sense why I was charged because my question wasn’t answer. Which part is it? Anyways, so I pay it and hop in my car it is backed into a spot never thought anything of it. Then drove back to my work and went to go into to Reverse and it would not engage, so I tried it again and it still wouldn’t so I contacted Island Chevrolet again and they told me to drop it by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning came and I sat at the dearlership for 5 hours because I was advised the shift assembly just needed readjusting so I thought that was great. 5 hours pass.. the technician comes to me and says I don’t know what is wrong with your car, so lets go talk to the Service Manager. To the service manager we go.. well the service manager didn’t seem to impressed with the technician and asked me to step out of his office well he had a word with the technician and then invited me back in, and advised me that my transmission is now going to have to come out and it will take 18 hours to diagnose and if it is their issue they will foot the bill and if they determine that I didn’t have reverse it will be my bill. I didn’t like that because I had no issue with my reverse before I took it in there and the technician is claiming that it wasn’t in the car, so I got the other technician that drove my car out of Service Area and she advised the service manager that my vehicle did have reverse on Thrusday Nov 1 2007. So then I was told that my car can get looked at on Monday Nov 5 2007 so I was fine with that because their Transmission Tech was out of the country at the time.. So I asked what I was going to be driving over the weekend while my car is in for repair, and the service manager said your car, and I said I don’t think so, and he was like why not and I told him I am not running the risk of further damaging my transmission the way it is right now, and then the technician piped up and said “Your car is fine to drive just don’t use reverse

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