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Published: 30 November 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: J and S diesel Service James the owner What a rip off, BEWARE OF JAMES, the owner claims that he is honest and knowledgeable with what he is doing but I beg to differ. Here is why, in early March of 2012 I took my truck to J and S diesel I Las Vegas , Nevada!!

What a rip off, BEWARE OF JAMES, the owner claims that he is honest and knowledgeable with what he is doing but I beg to differ. Here is why, in early March of 2012 I took my truck to J and S diesel I had heard the commercial on the radio on 97.1 the point, and it sounded like a good repair shop, So I agreed to pay James a total of $800.00 to rebuild and reinstall my turbo on my great running well maintained 2000 Ford 7.3. With 70,000 pampered miles.I decided to rebuild the turbo because the turbo was leaking oil into the inter cooler, Now being October James has rebuilt the turbo 5 times and still cannot get it right being it either makes loud bad grinding noises, or it leaks oil into the inter cooler like it did when I brought it to James. The truck was down for a total of over 6 weeks total being repaired, and after the sixth turbo failure in 3 months, now somehow being I’m in the turbo alone over $2000.00 in rebuilds, I asked James if he would issue me a partial refund on the cost of the rebuilds, he told me, no that the turbo was still under warranty. The problem is every time I have returned my truck for its so called free warranty not only is it down for 1 to 3 weeks at a time, but James has charged me an additional $6,100.00 in so called needed repairs he says is causing so called turbo failure. that’ s not including $1200 on top of the original $800 initially quoted price for fixing the turbo 5 times over the last 4 months, he has been lying to me telling me my 7.3 power stroke with 70,000 truck has other things wrong with it causing the turbo to fail, which he supposedly the $6,100.00 has repaired all issues at my expense while after the so called repairs the turbos wont last longer than a week at a time, and to make it even worse experience I have caught James in many lies over the last few months which he denies to this day. He lied and charged me $80.00 for a new air filter which he never changed, plus he lied and told me he changed my fuel filter which he did not, also he stole parts from my truck my A/C caps are now missing and I am now missing my plastic engine cover that said power stroke on it. He is so unbelievable; his Sister working behind the counter is also a lair. I was promised a perfect functional turbo for the initial price of around $800.00 with labor back in March; I have now paid James in excess of $$8,100 total.I have the same problem it did back in March before I ever spend a dime. Whenever I talk to James his answer is always bring it in, and I will take good care of you don’t you worry as he throws me another bill. This man is a very poor business man, do yourself a favor and take your vehicle else ware as I now will that I learned the hard way. I only took the time to type this to let you know as you could be next. I will now order another turbo from a highly rated re-builder.

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