Jared Sanbor, Pure Technology, Inc. Scam ICO

Jared Sanbor, Pure Technology, Inc. Scam ICO Review

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Published: 15 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Jared Sanbor, Pure Technology, Inc. Scam ICO Jared Sanbo Fake Mobile Phone Manufacturing New York New York!!

Jared Sanbor is doing fake ICO. Telling everyone he is building a phone company and his own mobile phone. If you check that is all fake project. In ICO world this has become a very normal. He has no website. Just selling alleged fake securities and promising 19X return. linkedin.com/company/puretechnologyinc/ Budget waste has plagued the Trillion Dollar Marketing & Advertising Sector forever. Itu2019s a universal problem because ALL businesses market and advertise! To solve this, Pure Technology combines…… This method will encompass the full consumer profile for the first time in history, resulting in a 1% market share by year three. We are currently seeking seed funding, will break even by year 2 and provide a 19x+ Return On Investment by year 5. In the time youu2019ve been reading, $10,000 dollars were wasted on marketing & advertising! Our team embodies 256 years worth of business experience and spans multiple countries. We are Bigger Data for Better Business! Thank you! Please email [email protected] for the missing piece to this pitch! Looking forward to working with you. Beware of this potential scam.

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