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Published: 10 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: JCT John Christner Trucking Very Nonprofessional, and unfair company I have ever seen. THEY WILL WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME USE CAUSTION!!! Sapulpa, Oklahoma!!

First off I will start off like this, I have 12 years over the road in trucking. out of the 12 years I have not had any accidents, or any moving violations not even in my personal car. I have never refused a drug screen nor have I ever failed one. I have a clean past to add, I have driver awards for driver of the month, and a saftey award to thru another company. I do have a false mark on my DAC where west side transport out of cedar rapids, IA said I abandonded a truck but I covered my a*s and still have the inspection sheet where I returned the truck in good faith, and great condition to prove so. My CSA score is great no marks at all, I have past DOT inspectios 6 times during my 12 years and never failed. Ok now you know about what kind of driver i am, NOW lets talk or let me warn you about this company,JCT, (John Christner Trucking) out of Sapula, Ok is one of the worst companys I have ever came into contact with. There a joke, I ask you please use much as caustion as you can before filling out a application with these guys cause if you have lots of time to waste, they will waste yours. In order this is what the company did to me to waste my time, and how they do things there. We started orentation on a sunday at 7am, sighned papers watched films you know the drill. the next day on monday we talked about saftey watched filmes, every swinging d**k came in talked about this, and talked about that like if you where in 3rd grade, like if you didnt know about trucking. then after lunch we did drug screen, did the grab and cough deal you know same thing like every orentation. once we where done we was to go out to pick out our trucks for the lease, which by the way its a scam! but at the last minute I was told that it was a lease company only, Wich is very important information when you talk to a recruiter. well we finished all the bullshit and just about thirty minutes before we was to select trucks, Me and another driver was called in for the interview, Yea you would think that would be on the first day before films, drug screens, seeing a doctor and filling out all those papers. No a*s backwards they did it like that. i did the interview and all seemed good. but just after that me and that other driver was called into the saftey, and we was both told quote (we feel like you all are not a fit for the company), I asked why and there response was they didnt have to tell me, they told me that they will get me to the motel, get my stuff and get a ride back to the grayhound. That quick, with out reason. I didnt understand, i passed the drug screen, i past the road test, I past the backing, and my past employment was good. But what I do know is, when you take the test in the room, like on saftey, and ext. they mix the papers, others will grade yours. then there scored, the highest score sits towards the front of the room to the lowest score will sit back at the end of the room. so now everyone knows how you did. this may have something to do with it but im not sure, and that might not be the case. But the jack a*s that did the interview was so called the vice president of the company, no need to give the name cause i just told ya. he had this cocky, way about him and he seemed like if you got to know him you would hate him, he seemed to be one of those types that thought he was a know it all smart a*s, I bet he may have been family to the company. But my complaint is that they push this lease on you, expect you to do it and when you have questions about it, its going to be a problem. I asked how many lease trucks they had in operation, I was told 800. and the rest was company,then i asked I was just told you where all lease. No all lease no company was there response, I then asked how many titles did you hand out the last 3 years, That will tell me how good this lease is. Here was my response a hour latter, Your not a fit for the company. This may and could be why I was not a fit cause what I felt like was a important question that was asked in front of 30 drivers might have picked a scab! I look at how they acted, and how they handled things. You dont bring a driver up and kick his a*s down the road a day latter and tell him or her there not a fit for the company with a record like mine. And the saftey guy who sent us down the road didnt know he violated a privacy law when he descussed that we where not a fit for the company with both of us in the same room together, he even admited that he shouldnt do it but he was trying to save time on getting a bus for us to get home. You would think that we had stolen something or wrecked a truck on the drive test>> I had asked for all the papers i signed and I never got them, They had my john doe on them pluse bank info and they wouldnt give them to me. That is a violation to according to Mr. Strong with the US Dpt of Labor, Plus the privacy Thing to add. So I am sort of glad that I met up With JCT on this and I am Glad I didnt put my good name on one of there trucks, This was a sighn that they where not going top work out cause they seem to be nothing but complete assholes, and not worth the time. and I took the time by the way to talk to some of there drivers during this time with them there response was that they have faves, people they like and they get thru the lease. If your not in that loop, forget it. I was told to stay away, and not to do it> so i asked if its so bad why are you still here? They said there to far in debt and they are forced to stay out, in other words its all good till that baby is almost paid for and there done with ya. Good luck getting any miles when you have the last 6-7 thousand dollars to go cause you will go in the hole. So, just thought id tell my side and what I had to deal with. There not good people, at least it dont seem that way to me and I am laid back. I did file a complaint with the BBB of there actions, and also filed a report with the dept of labor of OK, and TN. I am so glad I had my apple phone with me, wich i recoreded all on audio. so i dare them to lie that will be so great…LOL, this is what so great about america, use your 1st amendment and they cant do s**t! So come join us at truckers liberty alliance on face book and help join us to stop the bullshit from bullshit companys.. Be good and be safe!

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