Jim Machemehl of Minnetonka BMW

Jim Machemehl of Minnetonka BMW Review

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Published: 12 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Jim Machemehl of Minnetonka BMW A car RUNNING PERFECTLY FINE TURNS INTO IT’S RUINED TOW IT OUT OF HERE AND GET OUR RENTAL CAR BACK!!!! Minnetonka Minnesota!!

Sometime in 2014 I received a recall letter from BMW stating that my airbag was DEFECTIVE and needed to be replaced immeditely as it could injur or KILL the driver if the airbag deploys. Naturally, I felt unsafe and the precariousness of the situation left me filled with anxiety the entire time that I drove. And so it went, I waited and I waited and I waited and then I waited some more. After an entire year and a half passed and I still had no replaced airbag, I went from anxiety filled to ANGER! Was BMW crunching numbers? Calculating the cost of paying out 29 wrongful death suits versus the cost to replace 10 million airbags? Was I simply a number? After the year and a half mark, I felt that I needed to let my Attorney and wife what was going on. I do extensive travelling at night in the country and hitting a deer was completely plausible! If I hit a deer and eneded up dying from metal shrapnel penetrating my head, I wanted my Attorney and wife to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit! After I started CC’ing a lawfirm in my email correspondence to BMW, low and behold, at the 2 YEAR MARK, they FINALLY had the part needed to fix my defective airbag. I told BMW to get me in ASAP to have the airbag serviced. Within a week, my car was at the BMW dealership in Minnetonka. I had a VERY pleasant experience with a Jeff in the service department. Now, although my car ran PERFECTLY FINE, I did let the service department know that my drink holder was broken and needed to be replaced and I wanted to know why my check engine light was on. I left with a beautiful 2016 BMW 528i rental car. Later that day I received a call from Jeff Stating that to fix the check engine light, they would start by replacing the intake solenoid at a cost of $700. I was disappointed in the large amount needed to attempt to fix my check engine light. I asked Jeff, If I go ahead with it, will you detail my car inside and out, free of charge? Jeff quickly agreed. I left the BMW dealership of Minnetonka on Tuesday. Wednesday came and went, Thursday came and went, Friday was half over and I thought, oh no, am I supposed to call them? I’m sure that my car is done by now! I called, Jeff responded, the parts that were ordered the day that I set up my appointment were shipped to the wrong place. I said, Hey Jeff, No Problem here, I am driving your Beautiful 2016 BMW 528i, take your time, lol. Well, the weekend passed, Monday came and went, Tuesday, a CALL! Yes, is it done? Ready to go safe and sound? Um, NOT QUITE! Matt, I don’t really know how to say this so I will just say it, You basically need a new engine! WHAT? I brought my car in for an airbag recall and it RAN PERFECTLY FINE and now you’re telling me that I either need a used replacement engine for $6,500 or you need a new cylinder head for $4,800! Jeff, I don’t have that kind of money and quite frankly, I feel wronged. He tells me that whenthe mechanic went to pull out the Intake Solenoid, he broke my cylinder head! It was at that point I remembered that a few years back, I had brought my car to this same BMW dealership in Minnetonka to have a service performed. At the time, I had them replace my oil/filter as well. Two months later, I changed my oil. As I unscrewed my oil plug, you can imagine my horror when the oil plug came out with multiple metal shavings around it. I immediately called BMW and ultimately had it towed to their service department to re-thread my oil pan! Common theme to strip things out at this dealership. I began to wonder if they put their rookie mechanics on older cars like mine (2002)! After letting my frustration subside, I called my regular mechanic and explained the situation. He was dumbfounded and utterly confused as to WHY they broke my cylinder head while replacing an Intake Solenoid. He stated that they MAY be able to get a kit to re-thread it at a relatively inexpensive cost. At that point I had my Broken baby towed to my regular mechanic. But get this, before letting my car leave, Jeff stated that I needed to pay $110 for the drink holder that they replaced, otherwise he was going to pull the new drink holder back out. I said Jeff, do yu realize how corny that sounds? You guys ruin my car that was running perfectly fine and now you’re going to charge me for the drink holder? I said okay Jeff,go ahead and charge me! At that point i had it towed for a $150 to my regular machanic. Upon arrival, the lead mechanic with 30 years experience took one look at it and said that it cannot be repaired, whoever worked on it torqued on it so much without bracing the intake solenoid at the entry point that the cylinder head basically shattered. At that point, I decided to trash my car as I didn’t have the $5,000-$6,500 to put into it. I thought that I’d give it one more shot by calling Jeff’s manager, Jim Machemehl, the service manager. I called Jim and received and old voicemail stating that he’d be out Thursday and returning Friday. Well, it was 3:30 PM Friday and I left him a message. It was obvious that he doesn’t check his voicemail often so I called back and had him paged. His response? My Mechanics have a combined experience of over 100 years and that I NEEDED TO GET HIS CAR BACK NOW! MY CAR SHOULD HAVE BEEN BACK HERE TUESDAY, THE DAY THAT YOUR CAR WAS TOWED! Needless to say, I WAS FURIOUS. In a weeks time, I went from a car that ran beautifully but needed an airbag recall, to having NO CAR, wonderng how I am going to get me and my family around. I quickly returned “Jim’s Car””! I had someone bring me to Jim’s office and proceeded to vent on him expressing my DEEP DISTAIN with my experience with BMW of Minnetonka and Jim Machemehl! I told him that at this point I am a small problem that you can FIX. That’s your job Jim. Otherwise

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