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Published: 12 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

The Mayo Clinic says one thing in journal articles, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, and does entirely different in practice. One situation of this is abdominal wall nerve pain from nerve entrapments / injuries – the Surgical Service will do neurectomies without a workup or consent – the Medical Service proclaims that it will do a Carnett’s test and follow. This can occur commonly in athletes, adolescents, and women – and the misdiagnosis and wrong surgeries are life destroying – you can’t do it and Mayo Clinic does not take this responsibility seriously. Dr. Michael Sarr will cut anything out, with or without consent – and that is WRONG. Until Jill Beed-Smith fixes this, patients are warned not to go near Mayo Clinic – she needs to authorize the undoing of all procedures where there was no patient consent – she has the list. No one will believe the Medical Service, until the Department of Surgery stops the unnecessary neurectomies and the closing with common mass mutilations – this has been going on for 20 years at least. These are surgeries done even on women MDs who say ‘No,’ and only agree to limited 5-minute procedures to the muscle fascia – to remove any retained sutures – a 5-minute quick-look for an attending that yields hundreds of dollars with no risk. The nerve foramen can be palpated without surgery, or during surgery, and should not be cut into. But the Surgical Department at Mayo does – cut into and remove ‘normal’ nerves – pretending they are foreign bodies. Dr. Michael Sarr can’t tell an internal oblique from a transversus – in women the transversus are too thin for him – so he cuts them. Dr. Sarr, and Mayo Clinic, need to undo all the unnecessary neurectomies where the Surgery attending would not do a Carnett’s test. Jill Beed-Smith needs to get a plan for this. In the meantime 2012, no patient should go to Mayo Clinic for abdominal wall nerve pains unless they want horrible surgeries by 3-month interns that ATTACK when told not to be in the room, not to touch an instrument, and not to touch the patient. Black medical students should not be assaulting white women patients who just stipulate ‘NO MEDICAL STUDENTS.’ It’s not a black thing, it is that patients come to Mayo for the attending and many times are so sick that they can’t be touched by any more medical students. The medical students should be working at the community hospitals & clinics – not the major hospitals & offices. They should be documenting the exams on the chart. Women MDs have to be able to say ‘NO INTERNS, RESIDENTS, STUDENTS, FELLOWS, or sham workups.’ Carnett’s test is not used by the Surgical Service and your case studies and clinical pearls are a piles of lies – lies that look good on paper but aren’t the care that even a woman MD gets.

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