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Published: 28 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: john j lease realty Chris dipaolo cynthia schweizer Deceptive ads, unethical & unfair practices they are nothing more than bullies trying to use strong arm tactics Middletown, New York!!

In August I answered an ad that Broker Chris Dipaolo had for a house for rent. After 2 weeks of him checking my references, employment & credit I finally was advised I was accepted for the house. I met him at the house w/ the landlord, i signed the lease and while writing the check i was advised of the 500.00 pet deposit and the half month realtor fee! These were not stated in the ad. Now i have to say the home is not in the best part of town but not really the worst. Never the less very nice home. I asked him why his ad did not state this and offered to show him his ad. He talked the landlord into waiving her pet deposit however he still wantedhishalf month from me and half from the landlord. So i paid the fee however advised to please not deposit today to make sure money i was not aware that i hadto pay was there. Condensing the story here…i moved in shortly after had found problem at the my bank causing both checks to come back. I paid my ll cash to cover rent, sec, fee and sent email to chris w/ my debitcard info, apologized and asked that he charge my card for entire amount & fee. He wrote back stating he cant take it that i had Ty o bring him a money order. I asked if they had a drop box because i had to work, he stated they did not. So i told him i had to work however i would ask someone to drop it off for me that sat. WELL……the next wed i was at work on the phone when my work cell rang…it was in its case clipped to my pocket so i just reached down & silenced it. Then my other office line rang & since my ofice door was open i heard my assistant answer it. She immediatly came to my door & motioned for me to mute my call. She then proceeded to ask if i knew anyone named cynthia because there was a very rude lady on the phone who demanded to be put on hold to wait for me. I advised her that whoever she was would have to wait until i got off of my my call continued i watched for a few minutes while the other line flashed when suddenly it went out. WELL… no sooner than the light went out the phone rang again…this time ms schweizer was even ruder than she was before so she proceeds to state to my assistant that she is not sure if i had told her what i have done or if i wanted her to know this time my assistant told her she did not care…ms schweizer as determined as she is ignored her and told her she was going to tell her anyway because i had commited a crime. My assistant heard this and again stated that she did not care,didnt want to know and that she would have me call her back. This whole time with ms schweizer speaking over her proceeding to tell her again that i had commited a crime, that i know i commited a crime because bouncing checks is illegal, that she is not sure what we all do for a living but she is sure that i was not going to appreciate it when she personally came to my job with the police, had me handcuffed and taken out in front of my coworkers. My assistant advised again she did not care that she could have me call her back. She then gave her number and told her to tell me that this was the last call she was going to make and that the next call would be to the authorities. When i heard what she had done i was absolutely livid!!!! I looked up their “corporate”” office and spoke to marge lease who apologized to me and told me not to worry that she would call cynthia to tell her that i would pay when i got to itand not to call me again. I then remembered my cell had rang as well so i checked it…low & behold…guess who left me a mesage threatening to have me arrested f I r my criminalact? Yup…ms schweizer whom i now have recorded saying the same vile things she said to my assistant…next day chris dipaolo call…yeah he is supposed to be good cop i guess?? I expressed my dipleasure…he never apologized…even so i was still willing to pay my debt. I advised him i would be in on my day off the day after tomorrow. Well the very next day guess who calls my work cell again spewing her magic??? Yup ms schweizer..she proceeds to leave me a message stating how shocked she is that i have not paid yet

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