Judge CathIe B. maher

Judge CathIe B. maher Review

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Published: 02 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Judge CathIe B. maher Attorny james C. McCann and various others 6th amendment violations Detroit , Michigan!!

Nadar: Hopkins [11831] MIAMI STREET DETROIT, Non- Domestic Michigan Republic [48217] RE: NOTICE OF FIRING INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL 6TH AMENDMENT VIOLATION TO: DAVID R. TUFFLEY P22614; BENJAMIN WHITFIELD, Jr. P23562; DAVID TIMMS; BARRY F. LAKRITZ P16358; MARGRET L. BROWNING P51647; JOHN T. ALEXANDER P43789; ELLEN J. KING P69491 AND JAMES C. MCCANN P39311. Dear Sir/Madam: Please consider this your written Notice to quit. Now comes Nadar: Hopkins, and fire you for being ineffective Counsel violating my 6th Amendment Rights under the U.S. Constitution, Title 18 U.S.C. 241, 242, and 245; you have allowed all parties in these cases to violate me, including making me a Slave violating the 13th Amendment of U.S. CONSTITUTION by making me a ward of the State of Michigan, Incorporated because you fail to represent me. I am not a citizen of the STATE OF MICHIGAN, ACCORDING TO MICHIGAN 1835 CONSTITUTION: ARTICLE II – ELECTORS Qualifications of electors. 1. In all elections, every white male citizen above the age of twenty-one years, having resided in the state six months next preceding any election, shall be entitled to vote at such election; and every white male inhabitant of the age aforesaid, who may be a resident of this state at the tie of the signing of this constitution, shall have the right of voting as aforesaid; but no such citizen or inhabitant shall be entitled to vote, except in the district, county, or township in which he shall actually reside at the time of such election. You allowed my case to be settled without my permission, therefore, each of you are fired Nunc Pro Tunc, as of the date that I to acquire new counsel to represent me. Because you failed to include my pain and suffering in this instant case and you failed to stop the state of Michigan from making me a ward of the state when you know that I am not a mental case and can care for myself at the same time taking all of my monies from me. I want you to send me my entire case file, immediately, because you all has cause me irreparable harm. Therefore, I STILL REMAIN UCC 1-207 and 1-103.6 __________________________________________/ Nadar: Hopkins DAVID R. TUFFLEY P22614; SCHOOLMASTER HOM KILLEEN SIEFER ARENE & HALLIN 75 NORTH MAIN ST. STE 300 DETROIT, MICH. 586-465-8238 BENJAMIN WHITFIELD, Jr. P23562; BENJAMIN WHITFIELD JR. & ASSOCIATES, P.C. 220 WEST CONGRESS, SECOND FLOOR DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48226 313-961-100 DAVID B. TIMMS VANDEVEER GARZIA, P.C. 1450 WEST LONG LAKE ROAD, SUITE 100 TROY, MICHIGAN, 48098 248-312-2800 BARRY F. LAKRITZ P16358 BARRY F. LAKRITZ P.C. THE PINEHURST BUILDING 39400 WOODWARD AVENUE, SUITE 200 BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN 48304 248-723-4747 MARGARET L. BROWNING P51647; BARRY F. LaKritz, P.C. THE PINEHURST BUILDING 39400 WOODWARD AVENUE, SUITE 200 BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN 48304 248-723-4747 JOHN T. ALEXANDER P43789; 30200 TELEGRAPH ROAD, SUITE 400 BINGHAM FARMS, MI 48025 4506 248-290-5600 ELLEN J. KING P69491; 30200 TELEGRAPH ROAD, SUITE 400 BINGHAM FARMS, MI 48025 248-290-5600

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