Just Brakes #65

Just Brakes #65 Review

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Published: 20 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: JUST BRAKES RIP-OFF: JUST BAD WORK or JUST FRAUD – can’t tell the difference!!

Submitted: 9/10/01 Modified: 9/10/01 Shortly after receiving a front brake replacement from Scottsdale’s Just Brakes shop on our 1999 Durango, my wife and I heard loud banging noises coming from under the front end of the vehicle. On one occassion, my wife was unable to stop at a traffic signal and slid far into a busy intersection before coming to a halt from 35 mph. Having these problems, we returned to Just Brakes and asked them to check the front end. On August 14, 2001 my wife returned to the same 90th Street store in Scottsdale. The Asst. Manager put the vehicle up on the lift and procceeded to tell my wife that the problem was not with the brakes so it “must be the ABS system”” He advised taking the vehicle to the dealer On August 16

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