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Published: 09 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Kaman and Cusimano JOKE-LIARS-BEWARE Columbus Ohio!!

Hello everyone, If your looking to use Kaman and Cusimano llc. I would tell you to run…. The write up here is the opinions of the writer. Kaman and Cusimano is nothing but glorified ambulance chasers. They sit by while condo boards selectively enforce tennants, they even showed up to a medication where the rules of the mediation were clearly spelled out and lied not only to the owner but the tennants. IS THIS A LAWFIRM YOU WANT TO HAVE WORKING FOR YOU? HELL NO During this mediation a letter was sent our by the board saying the mediation would take place at a given time and date. They also said the condo lawyerm from Kaman and Cusimano would be present. The mediation was done because a renter was having problems with another group of college kids that were renting across the street. Late partys, loud noise, public urination and more. The rules said both parts had to be present and the owners also had to be there with them. If one party did not show or one part of the party ( owner or renter) didnt show and the other side did the mediation would take place and a decision made with only the full party that was present. At 7pm our side arrived with the owner and tennant. The other sides owner did not show but the tennants did show. Our sides owner an elderly lady did not know the other side did not have both sides present and was wondering why at 7:30 the lawyer was trying to keep her side tracked with idle talk while the property mamagement company reps. were in the office desperately trying to call the owner from the other side. Finally our owner got frustrated and told Kaman and Cusimano enough was enough and the mediation started. Never once did the lawyer tell the other side they couldnt be there nor did they tell the owner both sides wernt present. They held the mediation without the owner of the other side fully present and even found in their favor. Then they tried to harass one resident whos been exposing the condo board at Hilliard Commons and the property management company Associa Real Property management for their wrong doings by sending out harassing letters to shut the tennant up. OH YES AND THESE GARBAGE LETTERS THEY ARE SENDING OUT ARE COSTING CONDO OWNERS A PRETTY PENNY.. MORE COMING SOON.. I WOULD NOT LET THIS JOKE OF A LAWFIRM WALK MY DOG LET ALONE REPRESENT ME OR THE CONDO ASSOCIATION IF IT WERE MY CHOICE. OfficePointe at Polaris 470 Olde Worthington Rd., Suite 460 Columbus, OH 43082 Phone: (614) 882-3100 Fax: (614) 882-3800 The lawyer handling this currently is Garrett Humes.. here is his bio.. Garrett Humes earned his law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 2012. During law school, Garrett was an articles editor for the Cleveland State Law Review. Garrett has gained experience with a wide variety of association issues through working in both the operations department and the litigation department at Kaman & Cusimano. These issues involve a wide variety of legal topics include Fair Housing law, real property law, gas and mineral drilling matters, and municipal law. Garrett currently focuses his practice on rule enforcement, contractor disputes, Fair Housing issues, and other general litigation issues facing community associations. He uses his mathematics background to compose clear and economical solutions to association problems. He is very personable and is always eager to provide clear explanations of complex issues. Education Heidelberg College, B.S., Mathematics, c*m laude, 2007 Heidelberg College, MAE, 2009 Cleveland Marshall College of Law, magna c*m laude, J.D., 2012 Courts Admitted to Ohio Bar, 2012 Associations Community Associations Institute Ohio State Bar Association one more note.. this j****** is so desperate to keep a tennant out whos been exposing his client ( condo board) and been going to meetings and talking for 8 years told bosrd members the resident could not come to meetings anymore because hes only a renter and not an owner. When the boar members were asked the tennant was told” our lawyers say you have to get a power of attorney or proxt to attend meetings”” when asked where the law was that stated this the board member said “” Well it doesnt exactly say you need a proxy or power of attorney in those words “” WHAT A d**n JOKE.. OH YES THIS SAME BOARD MEMBER WHO WAS RECENTLY EXPOSED FOR HIS BOARD DOINGS AND NOT DOINGS WROTE ME AND SAID.. u201cDid you know that most of us realize you have 100% legit concerns?u201d HELLOOOO- YET SEVERAL BOARD MEMBERS AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY EMPLOYEES ARE HAVING KAMAN AND CUSIMANOS LAWYERS SEND OUT GARBAGE LETTERS TRYING TO HARASS AND SHUT ME UP. Read more: scitechnation.com/william-wil-brown-hilliard-commons-board-and-don-casto-company-employee-liar-pittiful-selective-enforcement/#ixzz4KB9Oc54d

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