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Published: 06 February 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

I’m happy for you that Karl-Saxon McKinnie finally paid you back. I wish he would have a sould and pay me mines as well. Karl-Saxon McKinnie always makes promises of marriage and more to hundreds of women. He played the same game with me. He even planned a wedding date (thank God I did not invest a dime into this sideshow), and asked another woman to marry him on the exact same date in September 2004. His fiance had a cell phone because they were in an argument the night before, and she grabbed his phone and he grabbed hers. When I called to speak to him, she told me that she was his fiance and told me the same wedding date. When confronted, he kept saying he was sorry and it was wrong and he would pay me back all my money since it was the right thing to do. He’s a habitual liar!!! He pulled this game about 8 years ago. One of his old girlfriends told me that he had planned a wedding with a woman in another state. The woman had the entire bridal party organized, down to the dresses, tuxedos, limousines, hall, catering, all the trimmings and then he disappeared days before with no phone call or explanation. Her family came to New York looking for him and as usual, he was the FUGITIVE. 309 Arlington Avenue in Brooklyn is Karl’s last known address. It is a homeless shelter in the East New York section of Brooklyn. The phone number is now disconnected (718) 647-1436. Last I heard from people in the area Karl was thrown out of the homeless shelter for his violent behavior. My prayers go out to that young lady and her family that Karl tried to destroy. Karl, you put this woman in harms way and you will DEFINITELY pay for what you did. It’s bad enough when you destroy your own body and screw up your own life and mind with drugs, but you should NEVER, EVER take someone innocent and expose them to your dangerous and destructive lifestyle for your own selfish needs. Your living in CRACK dens in East New York is not a common place of a so-called six-figure CEO, now is it? Get some help!! Go to rehab!! Get cleaned up!! Get a J-O-B!! Give me my money!!! Karl constantly rips women off and REFUSES to pay them back! I have a signed contract from him that he promises to pay, but where is the money? He contacted me in May 2006 and said that he was sorry for what he did and he would pay me back $110,000 instead of the $67,000 on the signed contract. He said that he was receiving his bonus from Sovereign Premiere Financial & Trade Services, Inc., which is one of the bonuses he will be getting since he is the CEO of the company. Search for the other Ripoff Scamss on this site. He said I would have the $110,000 by June 19, 2006. Well, where is the money Karl? Get a clue. Whenever I bring up paying me back my money, he says that he wants to know if I have any feelings for him. He’s so sorry for what he did and he wants to make things right. He even came to my office one day and left a voice message that he was downstairs in the lobby. By the time I went down, he was long gone. When I finally got hold of him, he said that he had a meeting and could not wait, plus he didn’t like that security was staring at him. Well, what does this man expect since the marjority of police personnel is made up of retired police officers. Maybe they recognized him since he has a record for armed robbery. See http: / / nysdocslookup.docs.state.ny.us / GCA00P00 / WIQ3 / WINQ130. Get counseling. When coming to the subject of repayment, Karl will say that he has so much money, he does not know what to do with it. He would say that he would meet me at scheduled time in front of my office building and NEVER call of show up. When I finally tracked him down later on, he would claim to have been in a very important conference call and to call him at a certain time. When the scheduled time came, he would not even pick up the phone. Now an email is more on point. He would not respond to your email unless you are smooth talking him. That is the way to get his attention. He’s such a clam for the spotlight. Get help. He asked me to forgive him because he loves me (always throwing out the word love like water) and wants to do the right thing. This boy should be a stand up comedian!! You don’t know what love is or you would not be scamming, and using and abusing women. What goes around comes around and you will reap what you have sowed. Get some counseling. I heard from a lady that he said that he had a court order of protection against me. He’s such a a liar. Why would you have a court order of protection against me and yet come to my job and then want to romance me. This boy needs to be stopped. A real man would not do this kind of foolishness as a career. Get a real J-O-B like the rest of us. You can’t pimp the world to make a dollar Karl. You are not an Ole’ Ganster either, so stop trying to act like one. Stop coming up with stories about putting people in basements, and you having to go and rescue them or make the final decision in their fate. Stop watching those Mob movies. Get some help. The sad part is that Karl has 4 children and what type of example is this 47-year old man for his children and grandchildren? His family is ashamed and disgusted!! His mother, Laverne McKinnie told said when I asked her why does Karl do what he does “Karl has a mental problem and confuses fantasy with reality.”” She said he never played football. His father

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