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Published: 25 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Motorhome purchased with the understanding that it ran great, a test drive would be given before paperwork finalization. None of this happened. Motorhome was brought around hooked up to my car trailer while I was asked to complete the paperwork. Upon leaving it was discovered that not only did the engine not run properly, but the brakes were questionable. I drove to the nearest exit, pulled into Walmart parking lot, called them with my concerns and was told if I wanted to return it, there would be a 30% restocking fee. This was to cover mainly their costs of advertising it with eBay. They have since asked eBay to forgive their fees. Motorhome purchase price was $10,100.01. I received a check for $6,736.50, plus my $500.00 deposit back from PayPal. Karolina Koaches’s position is that I overloaded the towing capacity of the Winnebago. They claim it has a 3500 lb. hitch. A call to the Winnebago factory confirmed that they rolled off the assembly line with a class II 5,000 lb. – 350 lb. tongue weight hitch. My 2003 Trailblazer (approximately 4000 lbs.) and 1500 car trailer, according to Winnebago, should have been no problem to tow. I think that just the very fact that these swindlers have collected 30% ($3,000.00 in my case) and had the audacity to expect eBay to release them from their fees gives you a pretty good picture of who we’re dealing with. Here are the facts: 1) their ad said it ran great, it did not; 2) their ad said that you’d be asked to complete the paperwork AFTER a testdrive, they did not follow this procedure; 3) their ad said that they had just driven this 600 miles and there were no problems; 4) their salesman, Bob, as I asked to have the leveling jacks demonstrated, said that they’re too busy to check all the systems. He also said the only thing they guarantee is the generator, refrigerator, and engine because they are the most expensive to fix; 5) Before they would release my $6,736.50 check, they would need to drive it. Before Mike even left the lot, he said to me that maybe this was just a burned plugwire or something, indicating to me that he felt the engine was not running properly either. Upon his return, he said he felt like perhaps a caliper was frozen up on the brakes. Apparently, the two conditions that compelled me to return the motorhome did indeed exist. It wasn’t a figment of anyone’s imagination. Towing 20 miles did not create either of these problems. Jack Midland, MichiganU.S.A.

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