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Published: 19 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Keith White aka: Keith D. White, Keith David White, Macor, White, KD White, Macor Foundation, EML 33706 Land Trust, Luanda Aldair Capital, LLC, Tabarak On April 02, 2018 KEITH WHITE acted to collect an up front payment and not deliver the promised goods and services knowingly in a scheme to defraud Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Bradenton, Sarasota, Miami, Dover, Philadelphia, New York City Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, District of Columbia!!

UPFRONT PAYMENTS were extracted on the promise that the funds would be used to pay costs associated with bank wire and security wire services defrauding the victim of 85 Million Euros of services. This is false. Nothing was delivered by KEITH WHITE. KEITH WHITE–has other reports of fraud on this website. They appear to all be true. We knew him through a working relationship and became a client induced by his expression of very profound social and humanitarian values. The values he expressed are NOT true. KEITH WHITE is a con man. He operates to demonstrate intricate knowledge of the worldwide bank system claiming to be a master financier. KEITH WHITE has no practical banking knowledge, only theory. KEITH WHITE does have a high criminal IQ, doubtless gained from inside experience. By crafty use of TD Ameritrade, KEITH WHITE protrays access to hundreds of worldwide banking relationships, when in fact KEITH WHITE has only the TD Ameritrade access. He claims Barclays Bank, London, and Deutsche Bank , Frankfurt account access. We saw no truth to these claims. KEITH WHITE claims to be a trustee (do not trust him) of an oil producers’ conglomerate with excess cash seeking a higher than bank return. He claims to have bank access via these oil producers and sellers. Keith White claims to have access to collaterals that may be pledged with the oil producers, or with major banks willing to lend against these collaterals, and thru him by virtue of his employ / association with these oil producers. This is all false. He does have an account in his name at TD Ameritrade which gives him access to Wells Fargo Bank. KEITH WHITE uses the TD Ameritrade network of member banks worldwide to add credibility. This is a deception. KEITH WHITE also claims account status in BMO Harris. This appears doubtful, also. KEITH WHITE claims account status in First Abu Dhabi Bank–Dubai, via Tabarak Investment Capital. This is dubious. We are presently still investigating this claim. After establishing trust and credibility via his claimed trustee status, and via the TD Ameritrade account, KEITH WHITE furthers the deception claiming to be friendly with numerous professional athletes who provide short-term funding to assist the loans by paying a portion of the upfront loan costs in return for a large percentage return on a quick turnaround. This promise is a scam. Only YOUR money is in the deal. His favorite scam is to claim that numerous professional athletes are willing to pay upfront fees for borrowers where KEITH WHITE is the sole party handling the transaction. The further claim is that the athletes get 10 x on their advance fees, which the borrower ultimately repays from huge borrowing proceeds, andvanced interest free. Do not believe the scam. KEITH WHITE is not flying anywhere. This is a delay tactic. He is not answering a real phone anywhere. His phone number is a majic jack –internet phone. Finding his physical location is likely far from Florida. Our guess is 300 miles surrounding Washington, DC– Philadelphia, Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, though he claims to be in Florida. The only money Keith White has is money gained from victims–your money and services. Whatever amount of money you are willing to part with is the amount it takes to do the deal, because his athletes will “front”” the rest. This is a scam. KEITH WHITE also has numerous “”canned”” scam stories. Do not believe any name drops or anecdotal stories. They are calculated to buttress other untruths. KEITH WHITE is a scam artist. Do not do any business of any kind

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