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Published: 13 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Lapine Les Schwab Tire Center Les Schwab Sends a employee to steal my car Lapine Oregon!!

My name is Jamie Stonestreet, I have been the victim of Les Schwab Tire Center stealing my vehicle!!! Here’s the truth, not as Les Schwab would describe. My roomate has been borrowing my vehicle for quite some time and the vehicle needs some repairs, he takes it to Les Schwab for an estimate, they quote him a work order for close to $800- in repairs needed. My roomate simply wants (4) new tires and a alignment, they state the wheel bearing is going out and they refuse to do what he asked to have fixed unless they fix the bearing also, he couldn’t afford it so he left. Approximately a week later the wheel bearing does go out. The vehicle is then towed to the same Les Schwab Location where the qoute was given before. It was towed in by a friend of our’s but not myself the owner of the car, or my roomate, who was given the estimate in the first place. Our friend who tows it to Les Schwab informs us that Les Schwab will contact one of us to find out what work needs to be done, they couldn’t get the parts for a few days anyways and it probably won’t start to be worked on for about a week anyways. I am not worried about it. I believed that they had spoken with my roomate regarding the work on the vehicle, he is the one who recieved the quote and knew what work he needed to have done. Approximetely a week later, Les Schwab calls me to inform me that the car will need two wheels on the back they came in with the wrong one’s I told them that they really should call my roomate he is the one who has asked for the order and knows what work needs to be done, I didn’t know much about it but I did tell him that I believed that he wants what repairs are needed to get the vehicle back on the road. I recieve a call from my roomate who is out of town and is told that I can pick up the car at Les Schwab it was done and the bill had been taken care of. I go and pick up the car it was a little after 6PM and the office was closed but my car sitting outside, so thinking nothing I get in my car and drive off, end of story right???? Not even, this is when the nightmare begins with Les Schwab Tire Center. Two days pass, and I recieve a call from Les Schwab asking me if there is a account that needs to be billed for this work. I tell him that as far as I knew the bill was taken care of already by my roomate, he infoms me that this is not the case, I inform him that I will try and get ahold of him and get back to him tomorrow, I apologized, he agreed that we would talk tomorrow. The next day I was still not able to contact who has been out of town, and still is, Les Schwab calls again and I told them I was sorry that I hadn’t got in touch with my roomate, I would try again tomorrow and call him. I apologize, once again. He informs me that if this is not taken care of he would have to notify the authorities, I told him I didn’t request the work and didn’t have no idea what was going on. The next day I am sitting inside my home, working on-line when I hear my car start I see a man frantickly driving off with my vehicle, this was around noon. I call 911 and inform them that my vehicle had been stolen. They tell me they are sending an officer to my home. A officer comes and informs me that Les Schwab had came and took my vehicle because the bill had not been paid, I tell him what had happened like at the beginning of this report, he states the car is not stolen. I have to disagree. They had not towed the vehicle, they had not waited for me to contact them as agreed the day before, they had not even contacted DMV and put lien on the vehicle. They simply sent an employee over to steal it. One of my friends who was on there way to my home see’s this happening and they turn around and try to catch up with the vehicle do to the fact that the person driving my car was driving at a fast speed and carelessly they were unsucessful in doing so. I call Les Schwab Tire Centers main office in Prienville Oregon and speak with the person in charge of Customer Service, I tell him the problem and he informs me he will find out what is going on and get ahold of me the next day. The next day I call and speak with him and he informs me that what they did was legal and he doesn’t want to talk about it any further. I inform him that I will have to hire an attorney he says whatever I need to do. I then the next day call Les Scwhwab in Lapine and want to make arraignments to pick up my belongings out of my car, but end up getting into a conversation with him, the conversation consisted of him saying things that I supposively said to him regarding the car, I told him this was not true I never said anything like that. I then informed him that I could prove this by the fact that all my phone calls are recorded, he then hangs up the phone, what does this say to you? I have been without a car now for close to a week, I am a single mother of two girls, and have no way of getting anywhere. I have no idea what to do, Les Schwab won’t even try and get ahold of my roomate who requested on the work and how could they do the work on a car for someone who doesn’t even own it? How can they steal my car without even getting a lien on it first? These are questions I want answers to and one’s they are not willing to answer. Jamie Lapine, OregonU.S.A. 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