Las Vegas, Nevada Actionable Award Program - LVAAP - NBPI

Las Vegas, Nevada Actionable Award Program - LVAAP - NBPI Review

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Published: 16 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Las Vegas, Nevada Actionable Award Program – LVAAP – NBPI ripoff Las Vegas Nevada!!

I got papers from Las Vegas Actionable Awards Program a few days ago. I was NAME NO.1 for a total of $3,341,0006.00. Which I thought was real. Becuase of the way it ws printed and the way it looked made it look real. I was to told not to do anything unless I heard from them again, to see if it was real. Well I waited and I got another letter in the mailfor Offical Registration Conformation..and the distribution Authority was USSA P.O. Box 98835 Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-8835. So therefore I went ahead and sent in my $20.00 they asked for. Now I see that it was all a skam and I’m out 20 bucks.. Well thats not right nor is it fair to the people of this country for others to be taken advantage of like this. I want answer and I want my money back. NBPI P.O. Box 98835 Las Vegas Nevada, 89195-0418 Las Vegas Nevada Actionable Awards Program P.O. Box 98855 Las Vegas, Nevada 89195-0418 Virginia Hobart, OklahomaU.S.A.

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