Lester Glenn Hyundai of Toms River

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Published: 05 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

For Starters, I have a 2008 Hyundai Sontata, Love the Car but after dealing with Lester Glenns service center, I don’t think I’d ever buy another hyundai from them again. To start things off, everytime I have an appointment for service, I always have to wait, which if I have an appointment, why do I have to wait?! Well at my last oil change appointment, My brake pedal was feeling soft so I also asked them to check the brakes. I was told my master cylinder was bad, and thats what was making the pedal feel soft. The lady I was working with said she was going to order the part and call me on Monday to let me know it’s been ordered. Well come Monday at 2:30pm still no call, So i called her, and she said she forgot. She said she would call and then call me back, Which she did. My appointment to replace the master cylinder was set 2 weeks after they ordered it. Unacceptable for a part that controls my brakes. So appointment day came and I dropped my car off. I picked a loan which had a quarter tank of gas in it. Later that day, I recieved a call from the service department, and they told me the wrong master cylinder was ordered and they had to overnight another one. So the master cylinder was replaced. I go to pick up the car the next night when it was finished, The service dept was empty except for the cashier. I grabed my keys and went to my car, I started my car and stepped on the brake pedal to put the car into gear and the pedal went to the floor. I was worse than it was before they touched the car. I left in discust with the car and upon approaching the stop sign in the back of the building, I stepped on the brake and the car just coasted through the stop sign. Lucky there wasn’t any traffic. The next morning I called the service department and explained to them what happened, and they said come back in. So I brought the car in after work, and as I pulled into the Valet bay, The check engine light came on. I told the service guy, and he said they would check it out. I also found out they were having issues with my ignition lock, and the service guy told me he had problems with it on monday when I brought it in originally. Yea Thanks for telling me. That has never happened to me, so as far as I’m concerned someone at Lester Glenn Hyundai caused it. Well after the car was brought back out, They said the pedal was soft because my rear brake pads need to be replaced, which was new news to me. To me it felt like there was air in the brake lines. They said that my check engine light came on because my TPMS light is on. The TPMS light has been on for almost a year which no issues. The TPMS light is on because one of the TPMS sensors failed and it’s not covered under my warentee or extended warentee conviently. They want to charge me close to $110 for the sensor when I know I can get it off the internet for $35. So as of right now my check engine light is still on, and brake pedal is still soft. Lester Glenn was 299.99 for front pads, and 279.99 for rear pads, which is outragous. I can get both front and rears done elsewhere for the price Lester Glenn charges for the fronts only. Only my visors dont stay in one spot anymore they seem to flap freely, and they want $225 to replace both of them. Lets face it, it is not a BMW, I can probably find the visors online for 50 bucks for the two. I think Lester Glenn got alittle too big for themselves. I also Email Adam Kraushaar my concerns and never got a response. So thats how Lester Glenn deals with things, If they dont acknowledge it, the problem doesn’t exist. I’ll buy another Hyundai but not from Lester Glenn.

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