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Published: 03 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Lewiston Car Care Crooked Company Sells You A Lemon!! Lewiston Maine!!

My husband and I went to Lewiston Car Care after hearing that with little to no money down we could get a good quality car. We first test drove a Ford Taurus but after a few feet down the road we heard a loud knocking sound. After returning to the lot we told the office manager about the sound and were told they would take it off the lot. We then decided to test drive a 2002 Pontiac Aztec. After taking this for a nice long test drive we fell in love. The only thing wrong we could see was that the All Wheel Drive was disengaged which we were assured they would fix. We were told that the down payment would be $800 and I could pick it up in a week. We left a $400 deposit and left. A few days later we decided to pick it up early and were told this was fine it was ready. After arriving with the remainder of the down payment we were informed that the company who they thought would finance was a bad choice and they had gone with somebody else and we needed to put $1300 down. The office manager pulled me aside and said that I could pay it off a little at a time. About 2 weeks later after a huge rain storm, I got in the care and realized everything was wet. The windshield was leaking everywhere. While driving to work I tried to turn the wipers off but they would not turn off. My heater would also blow only on high and 1/2 my interior lights would not work and my gas gauge was stuck on 3/4 full. I called Scott, the garage manager in Bangor and was informed that I should wait 30 days and then bring the car to a garage to have them replace the gas tank as they don’t fix tanks and the whole assembly needed replacing. After a few more attempts with no results we visited a Pontiak Dealership to have it checked out and were told the whole wiring hireness needed to be replaced, the winshield needed to be resealed and all the seals were no good. I was quoted a price of almost $5000.00 to fix this. Pontiac called the warranty company that came with the car and was told they do not cover any electrical work so they would not pay for anything. We then called the warranty company ourselves and were told that the car never should have left the lot the way it was but there hands were tied. Not knowing what else to do my husband went to Lewiston Car Care and threatened to sue them. They had the car in the next day and for 8 days we were told the parts were on order. Finally we were told that if we did not pay the $530 still owed we would not recieve the car back. After taking my rent money to pay them so I could work I picked the car up and everything seemed okay except for the gas gauge that they would not fix. I have had the car for barely 5 months and have that not only does the winshield STILL leak but now the passenger side door seal also leaks! the car grinds when I make a right turn and just recently my car radio shuts off whenever it feels the need! I also am having problems getting the car to completely turn off now. The key will not turn all the way back unless you SLAM the car in park and fight with the steering column!! We have not had the time or money to bring it back to a garage but I am sure we will not be impressed with whatever we find out! My brother is a mechanic and decided to check them out a few months ago. After just looking at a car with the emergency break cable dangling underneath he got disgusted and walked off the lot. He said we are just lucky that neither my husband, I or our 2 small children ever got hurt. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE FRAUDS! Kim Wales, MaineU.S.A.

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