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Published: 21 September 2018

Posted by: Theft of County Funds LiveWell SanDiego IN RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE ARTICLE, I REPLY: PLEASE DONATE TO BAYSIDE. It took the County of SD long enough to pull the plug on LiveWell Management. I was told this would be done in [protected] Fiscal Year DO NOT DONATE TO LIVEWELL SAN DIEGO 4425 BANNOCK AVENUE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92117 [protected] A former employee of LiveWell San Diego aka Clairemont Friendship Senior Center (the company that over sees the senior lunch programs of several locations in San Diego) now living overseas told me back in 2006 of corruption and mismanagement within the county food program. The head of the senior food program had been caught skimming the $3.50 cash per meal food “donations” paid by each senior for a meal at the food program. (apparently this had been going on for some time) The employee was never prosecuted! The senior food program was already in decline at that time. Revenue was shrinking and a declining number of customers buying the home delivered and congregate meals. So what was the solution of the Livewell Board of directors and Executive director? Give the money stealing head of the program a raise! Keep in mind the program was already in deficit, the director was not literate enough to do any marketing or write grants to raise money for the program, let alone a raise. In 2006, the board of Livewell San Diego (I will be happy to name names) more than doubled the food program managers salary to $36, 000 per year and then also created an assistant Director (another $36, 000) position for a new female employee with no prior experience in social work or food program management. The Assistant Director salary was mostly paid for from county funds provided by the food program. The board also took on management of La Jolla’s Riford Center, a city owned, but privately funded senior center (paid for by Mrs Rifords family trust, which was depleted by the LiveWell Board) but that is just a side story. So now, the food program is suddenly 70, 000 to 80, 000 in debt each year due to cronyism, favoritism and plain old corruption. Many of the board meeting degenerated into shouting matches between the board members and the center director. In a Bizzare plot to obtain funds, The centers food director, a person with a history of theft is now given computer access to the network as an administrator. Guess what happened? They illegally accessed other departments bookkeeping records and stole money! Emails between the Board members and the center director as well as the treasurer of the board, a CPA specializing in the administration of non profits mocked the stupidity of employees as they looted profitable, money making programs. Funds were transferred in violation of Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the law to pay for the raises given to the money stealing food program employees. Before and after speadsheets of the budgets were shown and the attached emails indicated that two sets of books were being run by the CPA and the livewell center director. Both board members and the center director laughed in the emails and in videotapes at the fact money was being taken The executive director of LiveWell “retired” in December, 2007 after 30 years. The new management of LiveWell started a “Adopt a senior” fund raising program to fund the salaries which they voted themselves for the corrupt employees. This was an entirely Created budget deficit caused by the raises. Do not be fooled! The Food Program Director Falsified A Police Report/lied To Police Agency About Computer Break-in To Cover Up Theft Of County Funds– A Felony. The Break-in Was Blamed On Another Employee. I think there is a legitimate need for senior food programs. My heart goes out to those truly in need at Bayside. DO NOT DONATE TO LIVEWELL SAN DIEGO they are a bunch of crooks and liars. 1. CONTACT SAN DIEGO COUNTY AGING AND INDEPENDANT SERVICES AND LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK —Mr. Will Quintong, Assistant Deputy Director, Aging & Independence Services (AIS), phone [protected] (within San Diego County) or [protected] (outside the County). 2. CONTACT THE FBI AND RECOMMEND PROSECUTION FOR THE THEFT IN EXCESS OF $10, 000 Copies of audio/video tapes coming soon. Copies of email and before and after copies of budget coming soon

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