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Published: 27 November 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Major World Major Chevrolet Major Schemers NY New York!!

The negative reviews are true. I will say the sales team was very friendly, they smiled the entire time they blatantly lied to me. They have a system in place meant to wear you down, tire you out and remove the accountability on their end. The salesman I was working with (who had agreed on a number on my vehicle—stupid me it was 2000 more than the advertised internet price but I wouldnt find that out until later!) took me into a room where another salesman had to prepare my paperwork. Unfortunately, he didn’t agree with the price me and the salesman had already discussed – he told me sorry he cant include taxes and fees in the price, they had to be additional (this despite the original salesman agreeing to this) . The man prepared my paperwork, but first he showed me all the numbers on a worksheet on his computer. I wasn’t thrilled- but I somewhat expected to be jerked around and I thought I was faring alright. After several hours (mind you I had the car picked out ahead of time and my own financing in place when I walked in the door) I was exhausted and happy to drive home in my new car. The next morning I was looking over all my paperwork and I saw that the salesman inflated the price in my contract by $1,000. I immediately contacted the salesman I had been working with the entire time. He said he would look into it because indeed we had agreed on the smaller number for the price of the car. That was initially, afterwards, he told me I needed to bring it up with the salesman who actually did it- that he couldn’t tell me anything or help me. Ok. I called the salesman. FIVE times. No callback. I attempted to go to their customer satisfaction manager (who has been emailing me, texting me and calling me with prerecorded messages about how much my happiness means to them). The customer satisfaction manager listened to my issue and decided that due to the discrepancy in advertised price and actual price not to mention the thousand extra out of nowhere; upper management needed to be involved. She promised to have someone contact me immediately, asked a good time and a good number. I am still awaiting this call. I have called her back several times and emailed her. She now no longer responds to me. In my frustration, I called and asked for the manager of the man who ripped me off. Well, I was finally able to get the salesman on the phone- initially pretending to be his manager I found out it was the guy who prepared my paperwork. He was rude, entitled and disrespectful. Clearly he did not value my time and wanted me to come in so he could tell me why he had to charge me more money. He told me that this was a standard charge to get the vehicle ready for sale- never mind that each charge is itemized and listed on my contract- each one except that one- that one was simply added to price of the vehicle. When i asked him how come the internet price was $3000 cheaper than my contract- surprise surprise that is not his department. i will NEVER go to major world again. They are crooks and liars- there is no accountability- they make empty promises and don’t follow through. No one has tried to right this situation and I am sure no one will. Chalk it up to an expensive lesson. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

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