Mark Thomas at Proline Automotive

Mark Thomas at Proline Automotive Review

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Published: 10 August 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Mark Thomas at Proline Automotive sneaky liar and undereducated man katy, Texas!!

Mark was suggested to me and my mother by a really close friend of ours who has known mark for many years. He told us from the start that Mark has had a bad history, with people and his business. We took our car in the first time because our radiator broke down. That was easily replaced, and the car was returned back to us. A couple of days later, the engine begins to smoke, and the problem was the radiator again. So we take the car in again. When I asked him about the problem this time, Mark told me that there was a tube that had a slash in it, causing all the coolant to drip and fail to access the engine. Replacements were made. A couple of months later, we had to take the car in to get the front control arm replaced because the right passenger side tire was bent in. Mark told us that we had to leave the car there and he would take us home. So we did. When the report came in, not only did Mark diagnose the arm replacement, but with that, he also charged us for new brakes (which were not needed), and a few other replacement parts, which i just a few days ago realized were not needed as well. But my mother is very gullible, so she allowed him to do the job. The cost was $1700. When we got the car back, everything went great, until I left his shop. As soon as I made a right turn, there was a metal scraping sound on the front right passenger side tire. I ignored it for months and all of a sudden, the left side tire began to do the same thing. Now, within the first few weeks of getting the car back, after about 20 minutes of driving, the front right passenger side tire bean to smoke. it slowly began to stop after a while so i decided to ignore it. Now, many people may think that these reports are made up and just written for revenge, but they are wrong. I am a 17 year old kid, with a passion for cars. I didnt believe these reports when i first read them and never thought that i would be writing one myself. But what caused this was what i saw for myself when i took my truck into my auto tech class to get some things diagnosed. When we lifted the car, my teacher, who has been a certified automotive technician for most of his life, couldnt believe what he was seeing. He had asked me who did the repair job, and i told him about Mark. He first of all pointed out that the control arm was installed with he wrong universal joint. with just a few glances, he also pointed out a few parts that were missing from the assembly. I felt like an idiot. with the whole class standing behind me seeing the same things that i saw. the next thing my teacher found is what caused me to write this report. now, i have worked under that truck before i took it to Mark for the arm replacement, and the brakes and brake lines were one of the things that i examined. but everything was in place. since i got the car back, i havent had time to take a look under the truck or check out the job he did. but as soon as my techer checked the right tire out, he noticed something wrong. the brake line for the front right passenger side tire was twisted and not installed correctly. with every turn that i had made, the line became twisted to the point where all pressure was cut off and no brake fluid was able to reach the caliper. Mark could have eventually killed me with his inexperienced repair work. My teacher wouldnt let me do anything else to the car until he repaired that brake line. i have never seen a worse repair job in my life. To this day, i believe that Mark is a complete scam artist. I know for a fact that he takes off stock parts so your car could break down and he could get business from you again. it was easy for him to lure us in because at the time, the truck that we had work done on was my moms, and she speaks broken english, so she believed every one of his words. so like i said, i may not be a grown man that has worked on vehicles all of his life, but i do know right from wrong. The work that Mark does is completely wrong. he WILL do something so your car will break down again so he could get more service. i trusted this man until i realized that he had put my life, as well as my moms, in danger. Mark deserves to be put out of business for the scams work he does. if anyone is to read this report, take it from me and everyone else, STAY AWAY FROM MARK!

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