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Published: 05 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I have never written anything like this before and in fact I have waited for a very long time, to cool down, before I even wrote this. The reason I am finally coming out and writing this is so that maybe I can spare at least one person the heartache, disappointment and loss of tens of thousands of dollars I experienced. I want everyone out there that plans on spending money with Marshall to BEWARE. Marshall has a very good program in his Turning Point, however, please understand this 2 day seminar is geared for only one thing, that is to separate you from your cash. I like many others I know went like a sheep to the slaughter with respect to Marshall. I was in a transition time in my life and really wanted to do something that would allow me to go to the next level (oh yes this is the title of another one of his seminars). I later realized that this 2 day event has been practiced and perfected for over 20 years and from the first hello, to the stunt where he holds out his hands and gets people to run up and give him cash for no reason, to where he auctions off a $100 bill (sometimes getting over $10,000 for it), to pushing hard, no very hard, to close you on the next seminar. The whole two days is for only one thing, getting a certain dollar per head return for Marshall. This man refers to himself as the Millionaire Maker and nothing else could be further away from the truth. From what I have seen, the only Millionaire that is made in his seminars is him. If you go to a Turning Point, LEAVE your credit cards and check book home. This man wants nothing more than to get you in his Funnel. I learned after spending tens of thousands of dollars to learn to be a public speaker in the Marshall system, just what a funnel is. It is the theory that if he gets you in the room for the first time, he then will be able to systematically suck more and more of your cash from you. If you are unfortunate enough to have gone through all Marshall’s seminars, when you get to the very end, you too will find out how he uses hypnosis / influence and most importantly (at his speaker academy seminar) you’ll find out how he designs his seminars in such a way to put you in what the industry calls a Funnel. If you want to see a master at closing, then attend his Turning Point seminar. I have never seen a better closer and use of hypnosis and precise language that he has developed for over 20 years. The sad part is that instead of really caring about a students success, he is only concerned about one thing and that is how much money Marshall gets. From his 100,000 Rolex, to his Rolls Royce and his old Casa de Millionaire, to his new multimillion dollar home The Palace, to his often referenced yet non-existent private jet, you quickly see what Marshall is all about. Getting your money. What’s so wrong and in my opinion, lies, is that when you pay for a certain product, for example Marshall’s Millionaire Mentorship Program ( aka. MMP) in which is he is supposed to personally mentor you to becoming a Millionaire, he spends almost no time in the room. He never tells you that in most of his later events, he only makes a small appearance and does not teach the entire course as he makes you believe. The biggest disappointment was the Millionaire Mentorship Program (MMP), that was sold to us as an intensive study in the art and techniques of becoming a millionaire. Know what happened instead? Marshall had speaker after speaker go on stage for 1-2 hour presentations selling their products. I dont even remember how many other times we were sold during that seminar, it had to approach 10. Then come to find out, once again, it is all about Marshall, because the only reason he has them selling us was that he got at least 50% of the money they got out of us. So I did learn a lesson, although not a fun one. The MMP was a lesson on how to be a millionaire, simply have no concern about your students, mis-lead them into spending thousands of dollars to get to a seminar where you parade speaker after speaker after speaker in front of you to suck the very life out of your savings. To add insult to that, I think I paid 5 thousand dollars just for that privilege! I did learn a lesson! Now I actually, got to know Marshall on somewhat of a personal level while I lived in Vegas last year. In fact, my girlfriend at the time, who is a masseuse, gave Marshall and Erika (his trophy 23 year old fianc) a massage. While she gave Marshall a massage he did nothing but try to get her in bed with he and Erika. While I am not making a moral statement here, I am talking about a student that spent in excess of 50 thousand dollars with Marshall, and a supposed friend and his loyalty extended only to the fact that I was not in the room. Not only did he attempt to get her to participate with him in bed, but then he continued to bash me and tell her untrue and slanderous things about me, all in order to make himself look better. The purpose in bringing this up, is to show that I believe that Marshall has only one agenda, whether in his personal life or on stage, and that is to further whatever Marshall wants. Even supposed high level students of his that are supposed good friends get treated no better. Marshall claims to be so successful and have so much experience under his belt for real estate and finances… well I know for a fact he owns a building in Vegas that’s in foreclosure right now and has another home that sits empty. My point is this man is nothing more than a scam, and all he is after is more money in his wallet and the truth is that he cares absolutely nothing about anyone unfortunate enough to have trusted him.

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