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Published: 29 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Mc Mahon’s RV Liars, cheats, shoddy work, usuless aftermarket warranty Irvine, California!!

Mc Mahon’s RV employ’s liars, cheats, and sells worthless after market warranties. Purchased a 2008 Class B+ motor home from Mc Mahons RV. Every employee I came in contact with lied. Was told there was no factory warranty on the vehicle, it had expired, this turned out to be a huge lie. Because of that lie I purchased a worthless after market warranty. Traded in a trailer and was told by the lying sales person and manager that it would be paid off by Mc Mahons in no longer than a week. Four weeks later it was still not paid off, making me make yet another payment or face a bad mark on credit rating. Six weeks after making the purchase on a trip home from Las Vegas the radiator failed leaving me stranded. No problem I thought, just call the after market warranty as radiator failure was a covered problem in the contract. Found out that even after 6 weeks Mc Mahons had not activated the warranty by sending in the paper work and premium to warranty company leaving me with no warranty after the break down. New radiator cost me $911.88, warranty paid 0. Walk through and final inspection was a joke, I knew more about the RV than the technician did. Items that were to be fixed, such as loose hinges, handles etc were merely tightened and came loose again within the 30 mile ride home. Technician did not know anything about the factory inverter system, or the mercerator system. Found a broken bullet latch on storage door outside during final inspection. Technician said he had to get approval to fix. When he returned he said it was denied. After taking possession of the RV drove to a nearby Camping World and purchased a package of 2 bullet latches for under $4.00. Once home it took me less than a minute to replace the latch that was denied. Promised that the gas tank would be full, as well as the propane tank. Only thing that turned out to be full were both the grey and black water tanks. Trying to contact anyone at Mc Mahons after the sale is impossible. Person you want is never there, in a meeting, out to lunch, with another customer, out on the lot (you get the picture). Messages left to return your call are never, ever returned. After the breakdown Mc Mahons and the warranty company let the RV sit in a repair shop while they “verified”” coverage. After 7 days they determined that the claim would be denied. Mc Mahons no help at all with the warranty company and if you call the warranty company you get only the low end person that takes claims over the phone. Impossible to get beyond that person. If you try they hang up on you. Once the claim was denied and I asked for what reason was told it was really none of my business

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