Michael Stoliker

Horrible behavior from a military officer Unbelievable cheapness!!!

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Published: 07 December 2020

Posted by: Alton I Lathrop

Mark Stoliker is one of these type of people who don’t follow instructions. He is content in using people for his own gain. For example I was engaged in a business transaction with this idiot and he decided he didn’t want the item. Fine as long as shipping is paid I am good with that. Well when it came time to pay he complained to the payment processor who then allowed him to skip paying the shipping. It sure isn’t fair that I had to pay for his indecisiveness. I told him about it and he answered back in a shitty fashion. So I am responding here.
Point is if you are involved with this thug he will cheat you anyway possible. I am out money just having to deal with this shitbag. Mark is totally not worth the hassle. Avoid!
Horrible person to deal with.

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