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Mike Wiggins & Mike Wiggins Car care Center Review

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Published: 29 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Mike Wiggins & Mike Wiggins Car care Center / Mike Wiggins/ Rx7 Heaven Lying Body Shop and Non-performing mechanic Memphis/ Bartlett Tennessee!!

Chuck Germantown TN 38139 October 31, 2014 Mr. Mike Wiggins C/o Mike Wiggins Car Care Center 5075 Whitten Road Suite 103 Memphis, TN 38134 Sent via registered mail Mr. Wiggins: On or about Wednesday July 2, 2014, you accepted my car, a 1984 Mazda Rx7, for repair. You saw pictures of it before you requested to repair it. In fact, you begged for my car and business as you said your men u201cneeded the worku201d and you could repair it. My attorneyu2019s office, State Farm and I requested on several occasions an estimate from you for the damage(s). You stated you were unable to assemble this estimate because you were so busy but you would u201cget to it tonightu201d. Day after day we heard this same response. Finally, after approximately a week of requests from my attorneyu2019s office, you finally submitted your estimate. Approximately on or about July 10, 2014, I received a check from the insurance company, which at that time, you were paid in full (over $2500) for the amount you deemed required for repair my car. You accompanied me to Regions Bank on Covington Pike n Bartlett, at which time you were paid in full, in cash as you requested as you did not have the funds to purchase the parts.. When you began repairing the car, I did not u201choundu201d you as to when the car would be completed even though my rental car had been mandatorily returned to the rental car agency. You did come up with your own estimated completion dates, which was every Friday or Saturday afternoon in August and then September and October. Week after week you texted message me to denote the car would be ready for pick up that coming Friday or Saturday afternoon, but each of those dates came and went without the caru2019s completion. At one date, you called me and told me you had to go to Arkansas to purchase another car to complete my car. You stated you were leaving on one Monday but actually did not go until a week later because you did not have the funds to purchase said car despite I had recently paid you thousands of dollars. To me, your shop looks like a Ponzi scheme. Finally you called to say that the car would be ready tomorrow, October 22, 2014. I made arrangements to so I could be taken to your shop on the morning of Wednesday, October 22. I picked up the car and drove it, per your recommendation, for a test drive to see how it was functioning. I drove the car to the nearest BP gas station on Covington Pike at Elmore Road (as the car mysteriously had gone from u00be of a full tank to empty) and I then returned to your shop. I told you the car was idling too high (1500 RPM and normal is 800-1000) and there were several other issues. You told me to bring the car back the following week of October 30th and you would address the issues. I have since brought the car back on three (3) occasions and you claimed you are too swamped to deal with my car. Most recently, returned the car on October 31 as per your request and you would complete my car. I returned at the prescribed time of 9 AM on October 31, and brought you a u201cpunch listu201d of approximately 12 items and the key to my car, which you placed on you desk. All I received on this date was a good tongue lashing and good unprovoked cussing from you! One of several of the items that needed to be addressed was the push button lock on the driveru2019s side door as it went below door panel when depressed. I showed you that the door lock, when locked is below the top of the door panel, making it impossible to grasp and to unlock the door from inside once the door is locked. My concern was being trapped in a fiery crash and unable to exit the car. You said there was u201cno adjustmentu201d to the door lock knob. I told you there was the plastic door lock twisted onto a screw assembly allowing the lock to project above the top of the door panel when properly installed. Why you took this panel off is beyond me, as this side of the car was not damaged. When I removed the door panel and tried to show you there was an adjustment, You threw up your bands refused to look at the locking assembly and just turned and walked off yelling profanity as you walked off, u201cGet your sh* off my lot and I lost $500 on this deal.u201d (Videoed on my iphone ) In short, I have employed your services several times during the past 21 years. You have rebuilt three (3) engines for me. I have spent thousands of dollars with you and your company. I have followed you from relocation to relocation because you were good. I have recommended you to many other Mazda owners. Until this date I have been satisfied with your work even though you broke my cruise control and you told me you would make good on it. Thus far, you have not replaced the cruise control like you said you would despite the fact I have asked you about it on a few occasions. You have therefore rendered my cruise control inoperable. I have just recently noticed when looking under the car that you or your employees have secured the rubber dam under the car with tie wraps (zip ties) rather than obtaining the proper mounting bracket and securing the air dam with the proper bracket and screws as designed and prescribed by the manufacturer. Once again, this shoddy type of repair is totally unacceptable and inexcusable. Until this point, I have bent over backwards trying to get my car repaired completely as you denoted you would. You have refused to cooperate in every form and fashion. I have rearranged my schedule on several occasions and inconvenienced others for their car, or a ride to/from your shop. You now have failed to perform and refuse to complete the repairs. NOW, I am gravely concerned as the items that do not work, as many are safety issues, you are not willing to address or repair as follow: *HORN does not work, (driving a car in Memphis without a horn does not work). I can hear power to the relay under the dash but the horn remains inoperable.) Air conditioner compressor you replaced does not work, car does NOT cool off. System does not work, Bolt for right fender at door jam missing. *Oil pressure indicator in instrument cluster is NOT working. (Critical for this caru2019s operation as oil is used to make the seal on the apex rotor.) *Temperature bulb on top of radiator has been disconnected. *Red warning u201cADD COOLANTu201d light remains illuminated at all times on instrument cluster despite the coolant and reservoirs are full. *Right turn signal flashes rapidly denoting that the right turn signal system is not functioning properly. When checked the front right two turn signals do not illuminated when selected. *Headlights are aiming down when selected. Beams need to be adjusted upward *Windshield wiper reservoir has been completely removed (stolen) from the car. *Car idles at 1600-1700 RM. Normal is 800-1000 RPM. Hood is not aligned properly on the Leading (front) edge of the car as well as the trailing edge. Hood does not u201cseatu201d properly at latch. Something is rubbing in the front right wheel well that I cannot find. Paint is chipped at the leading edge of the hood from improper alignment and your teamu2019s opening and closing. You told me you would fix that as well. The hood just above the right head light is bent. Plastic on door pocket on driveru2019s side door panel is now broken. AIR DAM under front bumper has been secured with black tie wraps instead of the proper mounting bracket(s) and screws (or nuts and bolts) By not addressing these safety (asterisks u2013 bold faced) items you have placed me under undue stress and placed me in extreme danger. In closing, I have REPEATEDLY reached out to you on several occasions via your preferred method – texting and then via your phone (which has had a full mailbox for over a week) to have these repairs accomplished. You refuse to answer your phone or return text or contact me via email. All I have received in trying to accomplish is to have this list addressed and my car irepaired instead all I receive is a cussing and complete apathy for a job for which I have already paid in full. I am hereby putting you on notice that I will be taking my car to reputable Mazda dealers in the local area to obtain estimates to complete the job for which I have already paid you. This letter will serve as an official instrument of communication denoting concerns and lack of performance and proper repair on your part. With the 3 1/2 months you had the car, I would expect a better job than what your have returned to me. Respectfully submitted, Chuck [email protected] is now the only method of communication

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