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Published: 29 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Mills Auto Jacksonville Florida off of Edgewood and Cassett RIP OFF!!! They will sell you cars that have been in demolition derby’s and say they are brand new. Jacksonville, Florida!!

Mills Auto Mart finaces thier cars by them selves, and rip you off doing it. Sure they will work with you, but your car wont last long. There are used car places off of Edgewood in Jacksonville FL, Mills Auto. I got into a car accident, and I needed a car to help me get to and from to work, so I could Take care of my 2 baby’s. They took me in, and Boy did they wrip me off. I wounderd WHY they had cars BLOCKING their entrance to thier lot from the inside. You see that? RUN!!! That means they are trying to keep your car that you buy in, not let you out. I got my car, and was in there the SECOND day I baught it.. The radiator blew while I was coming home from work, and picking kids up from daycare. They wouldn’t pay for the towe truck, and I had to get the car there, by a guy who pulled my car there. And the car became a little damaged while towing it, due to the stearing being WAY off, and the brakes sticking…You want to know what the owner did? CALLED the cops and reported an accident to the car. I was still makeing payments on it, and HE charged me for the fixing of the radiator, and for the bumper, and headlight. I had my kids with me, and I had NO way home. I stayed there all day crying, and STILL this guy wouldn’t help us get home.. Finally one of his employees decided to give me and my kids a lift home. But how was I to get my car back when I had no transportation to get back. I ended up getting a friend to drive me back. The owner wanted a payment before I could take the car off the lot.. I was coming to make a payment, and they had my engine out of the car, Wheels LOCKED> I couldn’t get my car and the people were gone save one sales man.(The owner and mechanics like to hide in the back buildings). That is when they told me I had to pay that car off FULLY before I could take it home. MILL AUTO ***!!!! Do NOT go there. I told them to keep that *** car, and I was NOT giveing them anything else for it. I got ripped off majorly… Don’t let this happen to you. PLEASE…The VERY first day I tried to take it home off the lot? Ya.. The Battery died just down the street. I almost was not able to get them to put a new one in.. They still didn’t.. they put another USED battery in it. The stearing was horrible.. I was scared to drive the car home.. I had my husband take a cab home with the kids.This place is a VERY evil place, and needs to taken down. City Search? They are putting fake reviews in, and saying they are different people. Guess wha.. MY review is at the bottom, and they tried to discredit me. I left a few details out, and they didn’t even catch that.. It is the owner writeing the fake reviews.. I am an actual consumer that is mad and having my credt defiled by this company. Yes.. they are STIll coming after me for the money for this piece of crap car. I refused to pay for the radiator, and they kept the car. It was more trouble than I wanted o deal with. I got a better deal from a stranger that wanted to sell his car to me. The car lasted me 2 years, and never had a problem.Go figure… Mills Auto can be found on Craigs List… DO NOT GO THERE!!! You will regret it..

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