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Published: 07 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I signed a three year contract with Monitronics for security services to expire June 2008. Some time in May or June of 2007, I recieved a letter from them stating that the system they put in my house two years ago would be useless as of 02 / 2008 due to the FCC regulations. In order to upgrade I would have to pay for them to come out to my house as well as another fee, to put in a new system. Mind you I would also have to extend my contract. What? They put a system in my house which they knew would be extent in the near future. I received an offer from another security service who put in a new system. Along with this agent, Monitronics was contacted by telephone and via fax to cancel my contract. All was supposed to be well, until two weeks later I discovered that they had taken a payment from my bank account. They were again contacted, claiming they never recevied a faxed request for cancellation and that I was told during the initial call that my contract did not expire until 06 / 2008. Arrangements were made to pay off the remaining balance. They were sent a check covering the remaining months, yet when I followed up they claimed they had not received such check, which had been cashed by them, mind you. They were badgering in regards to me wanting to cancel my contract. This representative blatantly refused to cancel the contract telling me that you could not cancel a contract and refused to discontinue taking payments from my bank account. After saying a few choice words to her and ending the call, I called back and spoke to another representative who also badgered me about why I wanted to cancel. I questioned why they would continue to take out monthly payments on services I was not receiving, instead of just billing me for the remaining balance. (They even claimed that they were still monitoring my house until I pointed out that their system was disconnected.) She claimed that they would cancel the ACH withdrawals and send a bill. A week later I received a voice mail message from a representative claiming that they were receiving a trouble signal from my house. Are they kidding? A month after the system was disconnected?!! A. evans Riverdale, IllinoisU.S.A.

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