Mr. Scott Brian Adler, CEO of Emirates Global Gulf Investment LLC

Mr. Scott Brian Adler, CEO of Emirates Global Gulf Investment LLC Review 1839

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Published: 29 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Scott Brian Adler (representingEmirates Global Gulf Investment LLC as their CEO) presented his company to fund my projects at a specific interest rate that was agreed. Initially I was informed the Insurance and UAE Authority fees, which was paid to an Insurance Company (GABRIEL T. EBIEM Commercial Broker LLC. This Insurance Broker has been used to receive all payments) with a delivery with a delivery of October 23rd, 2017. As the day approached, I was told by Scott Brian Adler that they needed until the 29th of October, 2017 then he informed that there was another expense of Attestation fee that needs to be paid which was a breach of the MOU. Although I decided to comply with his last minute surprise expense, when he followed up with additional expense in 2018. I have asked Scott Brian Adler to provide requested information as an evidence of his credibility but he wasnu2019t able to deliver. Finally, I decided to cancel by requesting for the refund of my paid expenses and a cancellation compensation per the MOU, which he hasnu2019t been able to comply. I have information Scott Brian Adler’s UAE ID, Recipts of Payments and MOU that can be provided.

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