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Published: 15 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: MR TRANSMISSION STAR T5 DBA MR TRANSMISSIONEDUARDO VILLAGOMEZ STOLE MY CAR,WONT FIX THE BAD REBUILD JOB VIA COURT ORDER Spring Texas!! I chose to check THIS shop out because of the free tow, free car rental, 30% OFF labor and material coupon (max discount 300.00)and the payment plan and the picture of their shop looked professional …….. I called John (who coupon stated to ask for through number on coupon) and he told me he was out by Jones RD area so I asked him for a closer shop he gave me Mr Transmission and to ask for Lupe….so I did we discussed the situation with him told him about our dissatisfaction with other tranny place…..AND HE PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR HEADACHE BUT TO BE HONEST HE JUST GAVE US A MIGRAIN this shop looks nothing like the website and it has KASTLE TRANSMISSION ON SIGN outside but paper work says Mr Transmission there is more to the story this is short version….. Lupe (store manager at time) stated we needed a tranny rebuild cost 2600 w/3 yr warranty or 2200 with 1 yr warranty we choose the 1 yr because of the cost factor but he stated he was going to give us the 3 yr warranty repair job but write it up as a 1 yr warranty and fix our U joints 3 of them and fix our rear and/or front main seals where oil was leaking so when finish there would be no oil leaks he did this to prevent us from using the 30% off coupon from off their website he stated we could use the coupon but price would go up to the 2600 price I have allot of this stuff recorded on my phone not sure what I got yet because haven’t listen to all of them yet…. i lost alot during a panic attack running to t-mobile to get more memorey for phone ( long story) it took them 9 days to give us our car only to be in the same condition as when they picked it up the first time and another missed diagnosis or they didn’t replace all parts in tranny …… anyway they or we called and they said the car was finished but they couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t start.. they said the alarm went off and ran the battery down they were gonna charge it over night(Wednesday the 24th) we called next day at 10 am still couldn’t get it to start……they said they were thinking it was fuel pump cause when they sprayed starter fluid or whatever they put in there it would start …..they were still trying to figure it out……we called again this time they stated maybe it was cut off fuel switch they were looking for it.. called again they found it wasn’t the problem called again still couldn’t get it started ………well after they still couldn’t get it started at closing we decided it is time to go check on our car Friday the 26th glad we did ..we get there probably close to nine AM we walked in on them eating breakfast and inquired about our car they stated they couldn’t figure it out asked them for my key so I could go check it out that is when they started looking at it again…. they tried to start it again no luck so I went and looked at the gas gage and it was on empty so I asked did you try putting gas in the thing no answer we left to go get a gas can and some gas came back they put it on the rack and told us they needed the rest of the day to figure it out trying to get us to leave we didn’t .. THEY LET IT DOWN OFF RACK we went and looked to see if they replaced the U joints like they stated they didn’t U joints were not in car either and 2 U joint bolts were loose while they tried starting it as well and oil and tranny leaking still so I asked them why they stating it was done when it wasn’t they stated they didn’t say that…whatever freaked by then told lupe never mind on my U joints worry about leaky transmission they let the car down and we put our gas in there and the car started wow took us coming out there to get her done they stated it was power steering fluid not tranny fluid leaking they put car back on lift my husband went under it to see the leaking fluid under it when one of the lifts broke this dented both sides of our fender wells we did have some damage on one of the doors already but now it is worse and the other side is dented bout this time I was done and freaking out about my choosing this shop We want our car fixed if the tranny wasn’t the problem then why fix it THE CAR IS DOING THE SAME THING WE WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT WHEN WE BROUGHT IT IN…THERE IS A VIBRATION STARTS AT 30 MPH UP TO AND OVER 50 MPH AND A ROAR AND SPEEDOMETER IS ACTING UP AND TRANNY SLIPS AND SHIFTS HARD SHIFTING HARD IS A NEW PROBLEM, LEAKIN IS MINOR NOW… THEY STATED THEY WERE GOING TO GIVE ME THE 3 YR REBUILD FOR 1 YR PRICE AND FIX MY U JOINTS AND MY OIL LEAK IN ORDER NOT USE THE COUPON AND TO TAKE CARE OF OUR HEADACHE SO WE DONT HAVE A HEADACHE ANYMORE BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHAT WE HAVE A MAJOR HEADACHE NOW AND THIS IS COSTING US MONEY WHEN WE HAVE TO MISS WORK YOUR WEBSITE STATES A CAR RENTAL AT NO COST TO ME HAVEN’T SEEN THAT YET ….I am recording all this and uploading to you tube I have contacted fox 26 investigates as well they haven’t gotten back to me and might not… not going to talk to them unless we have more problems I DO NOT WANT MY CAR AT Lupe’s SHOP AGAIN PLEASE AND THANKS please call me when you have my car LISA J 832-788-**** we want all old parts from Lupes shop and yours if any Lupe is suppose to be gathering them up for pick up on MondayI do not think the shop did a good job of checking out our car before diagnosing like your webpage states I also believe they took my car home over night to diagnois it (that is where our gas went )we do not want to be with out our car for 9 days again please do not mess with door damage till after our car is running right and you have talked to me or my husband we can not afford to be with out our car for a week to repair damage that should not have happened at all..:( we have already lost 2 days lost wages 3 days now and it is costing us extra in gas and now our car is having to go further away from where we live….. PS AS SOON AS I GET ALL PHONE RECORDINGS UPLOADED TO YOU TUBE THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING please call me when you have my car diagnoised LISA JONES 832-788-****This is what I HAD PLANNED ON LEAVING FOR THE TOW TRUCK DRIVER TILL I called Monday morning and the district manager kinda got rude and didnt really sound like he was going to take care of the situation….I tried to find out what was going to happen to my car once picked up and Scott got upset and stated it was Monday and I could handle up on the tow so I just hung up and now we are really to scared to let them handle our car without some kind of help or someone watching them……. he also got rude to m yhusband he can explain all that…. here is our trip to MR Transmission is what I HAD PLANNED ON LEAVING FOR THE TOW TRUCK DRIVER TILL I called Monday morning and the district manager kind a got rude and didn’t really sound like he was going to take care of the situation….I tried t to find out what was going to happen to my car once picked up and Scott got upset and stated it was Monday and I could handle up on the tow so I just hung up and now we are really to scared to let them handle our car without some kind of help or someone watching them…….here is our trip to MR Transmission call me if you are interested in this story thanks Lisa J 832-788-****UPDATEWe decided to take them to court CAUSE NUMBER 1040517 IN COUNTY COURT LAW NO.4HARRIS COUNTY TEXAS BUT Mr Transmission IN SPRING TEXAS/ AKA EDUARDO VILLAGOMEZ IS TAKING HIS SWEET TIME GETTING ME BACK MY CAR THEY PICKED IT UP IN JULY 2015 AND STILL HAVE IT THEY DONT RETURN MY CALLS WONT TELL ME ANYTHING I keep calling his lawyer AND THE TRANSMISSION SHOP and I still have no car please someone help I NEED MY CAR!!!!!

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