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Published: 02 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Mr.C’s Towing ILLEGAL TOWING SOUTH GATE, California!!

Mr.C’s Towing Yard illegally towed my car while i was waiting for AAA to change my flat tire. I was in a mobile park at a friends house to drop off her clean laundry. Some local kid slashed my tires and my girlfriends. When i was getting ready to leave i heard my tire hissing and noticed my tire had been punctured. I went back inside to call the police and AAA when i heard a car door slam shut . I looked outside and there was my truck being towed on the rim up and over several speed bumps. The security patrol car was also outside i yelled for him to stop the tow truck that i was waiting for AAA to fix the flat. He said once the tow truck driver calls it in theres nothing that can be done. And no where on the street i was parked on was there a sign that says ” NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE”” . According to the law there must be signs posted every 35ft. There employees were very rude and refused to help me. They towed my girlfriends car at the same address . Also illegally and the owner refunded her money and sent 5 apology emails. I think the security guard was making extra money on the side calling in illegal tows. Good security would have caught the idiot who slashed my tire.”

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