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Published: 24 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Multi Media, LLC Zmedianow bad customer service, bad refund policy, assiting models who scam Lake Forrest Internet!!

This is a warning to any person who joins this site and expects the site to offer satisfactory customer support, and provide any significant protection from models who scam for tokens. I signed up for this site in August of 2015, became a monthly supporter, and spent nearly $2,000 dollars on tokens in the following two months, expecting that in cases of blatant scams, the website would fairly investigate complaints and offer token refunds in cases where they were warranted. Due to my heavy usage of the site and the fact that I was following and tipping hundreds of couples, I would occassionally encounter couples who would run token polls and not honor the results of the poll, sell me tickets to shows only to later cancel the show after selling several tickets, or sell me items for large amounts of tokens only to not deliver the item. In each instance, I contacted Chaturbate support with a detailed explination of the situation and requested a refund. In each of these instances, chaturbate support deemed that these situations warranted a token refund. On October 29, 2015, I submitted a claim after a model sold me an item for for 2,000 tokens, the equivalent of around $165. I submitted the claim after roughly three weeks of contacting the model via email to inquire about the item. After submitting the request to Chaturbate support, I was informed that The issue had been submitted to the model, and that I should allow three days for the model to respond. Thereafter, a model sold me a ticket to a show, and thereafter cancelled the show and logged off before it began. As this situation was nothing new, I contacted Chaturbate support, explained the situation, and requested a token refund. This time, however, I was told that I reached some unspecified cap on refund requests, and that I would receive no further assistance on the matter. Later, on November 9, 2015, I contacted support to follow up on the earlier October 29, 2015 claim, worth $165, that had been submitted to the model for a response. I was again informed that due to an unspecified number of refund requests, I would receive no further assistance on this matter as well. This is in spite of the fact that the claim had already been submitted to the model and was already well into the investigation phase before I hit this unspecified refund request cap. They basically cancelled a pending claim retroactively based on a claim that I filed after it. They basically assisted models in making off with tokens that were not earned. Chaturbate’s terms of use clearly state that it will issue refunds in situations that they deem extraordinary. This language implies that at the very least Chaturbate will actually look at the claim to determine whether a refund is warranted. In fact, support previously found that refunds were indeed warranted in situations identical to the ones discussed above. What the terms and conditions do not state or imply is that there is some magical and unexplained cap on refund requests that will cause them to no longer consider any further requests regardless of the merits of the claim, or that once you reach this unspecified cap, that it retroactively applies to any previous claims that you may have pending. I’ve been put into a position where I have no means of disputing any conduct by a model as it relates to tokens, or any protection from fraudulent behavior, giving me no incentive to purchase or use any additional tokens. I put nearly $2,000 dollars in Chaturbate’s pockets, and had every intention of putting in thousands more, but the site has shown little regard for my support.

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