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NationWise Transmission & Auto Service Review

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Published: 15 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: NationWise Transmission & Auto Service, ruined my life. Dacula Georgia!!

At the beginning June my transmission went out, I goggled transmission places and I stumbled upon NationWise Transmission & Auto Service. Another shop had my vehicle so I called NationWise and told them my story. Jack the owner offered to have my car towed to their shop, I accepted. He told me it would be 1,700 dollars and when I had a way to pay for it they’d have me up and running in a week and I wouldn’t have anymore problems. They had my car from 6/06/07 to 6/19/07, granted it took me three days to give them the go ahead. After I got it back, not even a week went by and my car was presenting transmission problems and CHECK ENGINE light was on which was NEVER a problem before. So I called them, they told me to bring it in. I did, they assured me that it wouldn’t stop on me and to bring it in when I could. By this time I had gotten a new job so I figured I’d wait until my off day to bring it in, it never made it. My car stopped on a freeway exit on my way to work, I called NationWise at 9:36am John (Jack’ son) assured me that a tow truck was in route, do you know I had to sit in the blazing sun until 1:40pm, John never put the order in and the REEVES tow truck driver said he didn’ get the call for my tow until 12:45pm. Now it’ the beginning of July, I didn’ get my car back for another two weeks (mid July). I asked them for a rental for my trouble so at least I could get back and forth to work Jack refused. So I lost my job, when I get it back this time the CHECK ENGINE light came within a week and I wasn’ impressed with how it was driving so I contacted them immediately, I was told to bring it back in. They claimed everything seemed to be all right and changed two O2 sensors. I told them it was driving like it was before and I thought it was going to stop again. Keep in mind that I had brought my car back to them at least 6 to 8 times trying to resolve the issue but all they did was test drive it and sent me home. Sure enough two weeks later while driving on a crowded street the transmission went out again. Another wait for a tow truck and another two weeks without my car, at this time I was so infuriated that I demanded my money back. It was only then that Jack relinquished and offered to pay for a rental car. By this time it was too late I already lost my job, had no money in a foreign state, not to mention I was in Georgia for an internship that was also ruined. Also, I’ like to add that I was due home (because of a sick relative) who is in another state and that was put off for THREE MONTHS. I finally got my car back in late August and it drives but it still isn’ right it makes rattling sounds when I accelerate and the CHECK ENGINE light is persistently on. Then to top everything the rental car that Jack offered to pay for was ultimately charged to me. I wouldn’ wish NationWise on my worst enemy, I mean I wouldn’ have sent Hitler or Jeffery Dahmer to that place. IT WOULDN’T BE WISE TO DO BUSINESS WITH NATIONWISE! Shalyse Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.

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