Neil Asher, Amazon scam, Roar Local

Neil Asher, Amazon scam, Roar Local Review 64159

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Published: 27 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Neil Asher AKA http: / / / meet-our-ceo-neil-asher / and http: / / / in / neilasher is a major global scam artist, he has conned his way through a massive number of poor souls through out the UK, was then run out by the law, where he went to the USA & scammed many more gullible people out of their life savings, when he had ripped off enough people there, he was run out again his latest scams are in Australia. He and his u201cco-founderu201d David Mitchell have set up the perfect scam see / and where they target the over 55s for their savings. There are pages written on his scams on referring to his American scams, read all about it here; http: / / / showthread.php?t=127248 http: / / / showthread.php?t=127248&page=2 http: / / / showthread.php?t=127248&page=3 http: / / / showthread.php?t=127248&page=4 he is also associated with Aussiepreneur, his latest scam is this, so if you are considering veracity associates as a business buyer beware, be very very ware! This is his current fronts; / , this is how he positions himself to con vulnerable over 55 year old; / business / veracity-associates / 10771 A fool & his money are soon parted u2013 donu2019t be a fool, watch out for this man & his group of con men & women, they are out to part you from your money & you will get NOTHING in return.

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