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Published: 05 August 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Neuton Mowers Total Rip-off, cheap made in Taiwan, US company not American made Vergennes Vermont!!

I bought a Neuton battery powered mower and what a piece of crap this is. A 99% plastic built lawn mower from a US based company called Neuton but they are made in Taiwan folks, they aren’t American if they are made in US soil. They are 100% crap, the parts are also a big rip off and battery life sucks, they don’t work long at all. The big issue is they don’t cut well, small blades compared to a gas mower and the cutting is not consistent, it is like a toy for children if you see it and how it operates. It is not solid at all, it is like something that was not put together well and made in minutes. US gas mowers are better and are more efficient beside they don’t require a lot of fuel and they cut consistent. The Neuton wheels are way too big and it’s weight is not idea for real lawn cutting (the body is too small) as the thing shakes because it is not solid. It is like for someone old who doesn’t care about their lawn and really has no pride in taking care of their lawn. That’s what a Neuton lawn mover operates like. Total disappointment!! Also their customer service departments, in USA but just phone support folks, remember the lawn movers are from Taiwan or China. That means cheap quality. You know when I first built this thing, I thought it was American made but when I read inside the box, it was from Taiwan that was the biggest disappointment about this mover. I don’t know what is better, saving the environment or saving US jobs from US companies producing their products in China. The United States is in a major economic recession and companies like Neuton battery lawn movers are not thinking about the United States, they are thinking about profit. As Chinese labor is $.25 cents an hour minimum wage compared to the US at $8.00 an hour here, understand Neuton is not thinking about the United States and US jobs; it is thinking about Chinese labor and profiting. That’s what matters to them. The US is suffering from US companies hiring more and more Chinese production companies to produce goods for US companies and stealing jobs anyway from American’s. Really I feel so sad for our country by the greed people are doing by hurting America like Neuton is doing. Buy American and complain to Congress to lower the US minimum wage to compete with Chinese labor because if we continue to raise the minimum wage more and more US companies will continue to use China for manufacturing goods for US companies as US wages are too high to compete against China’s wages. Ever been to a Costco lately (besides Wal-Mart)? Take a look at all the product labels, see where everything is made in China folks and Costco is an American company selling US products made from China. That hurts because we buy it and we don’t complain and we leave inflation keep coming and coming. Its not just gas prices, it labor as China is producing more and more oil for producing products and we buy it, they dont. There was a time America made everything on its own and now we let companies change that to profit. Owning something American now is not the same anymore because you cant always find something American made. We are depending on China now to make all our goods and soon are cars will be their too. Anyway, understand I want you to save your money and not get ripped off here from Neuton lawn movers because they don’t work well and are not American anyway. Save your money and buy American, gas mowers are better and if you want to save on the environment, buy a US electric mover as they don’t need battery replacing. These Neuton lawn mowers are not dependable on demand, you have to charge them all the time. They are not made to due a professional job, they are really cheap in quality as $350.00 to $over $500.00 for one of these things compared to a $150.00 gas efficient will last you a lifetime, the Neutons wont. These mowers are made in Taiwan or the Republic of China. There contact information: Neuton Mowers 75 Meigs Road Post Office Box 25 Vergennes, Vermont 05491 800-798-2921 [email protected], [email protected] Mark Santa Maria, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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