New Zion Shiloh Shepherds

New Zion Shiloh Shepherds Review

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Published: 01 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: New Zion Shiloh Shepherds Lisa Barber Cashed & Kept $400 Deposit-No Puppies Fillmore New York!!

We had gotten a previous Shiloh Shepherd from New Zion back in 2002 however, it came from Lisa’s Mom Tina Barber. After putting our Shepherd down the end of July 2013 I phoned New Zion Shiloh to inquire about getting a new puppy. I spoke to Lisa for over a half hour. She told me a litter was due in less than 2 weeks around 8/11/13. Went on to say a deposit will get us a pick from the puppies she would choose from the litter that she felt would be suitable for us. Told me she would post pictures of the puppies one week after they were born and to count 8 weeks after for a pick up date. I sent my $400 deposit out on 8/2/13 and Lisa Barber cashed it on 8/5/13. In my application I had asked her to please let me know when it was received and if all was okay with it. I had to check online my bank statement to see that she had cashed my check since she didn’t have the time to respond. I started e-mailing her about a week after the puppies due date. I didn’t get a response until 8/27/13. A very short e-mail telling me no puppies were born and to call her cell number the following day to discuss litters. That was it. No explanation. Nothing. I did call her cell number as instructed the next day. Left a message with no response. I have since left several phone messages on her cell and countless e-mails because the phone number on her website rings endlessly with no machine. Since she cannot even take the time to be in touch with me I no longer want a puppy from her. I started asking for my deposit back on 9/1/13 in a phone message, e-mail and a certified letter. To date she has not returned my $400.00 deposit. She sure didn’t have trouble cashing it. I regret not doing an internet search on her name and New Zion Shiloh. It would have shown me I was not alone. I have since been in touch with other breeders who could not believe how she is running this business. I want my money returned to me.

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