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Published: 11 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Next Wave Marketing Strategies, LLC Nationalk Marketing Resource, Online Strategies, LLC, Andrew Morrison, Andrian Morrison Billing Practices, fraud Kearney Missouri!!

The service was purchased promising marketing strategy support, prompt technical IT support and a lot of potentials for my online business model. Adrian Morrison affiliated with Anthony Morrison was the presenter. The company sold the product was Next Wave Marketing Strategies, LLC. The company is located in 351 W Washington, Kearney, MO 64060. Products purchased were Adversuite -6 compact DVD discs Coby EPAD handheld device After purchasing the item, immediately realized they do not allow using the Adversuite until registration of the account with third party service providers, Alliate Network. On 8/5/2013, I attempted to log in and establish the account, but it was not allowing me to set up. I called the number immediately at 18665891379. After trying 2 calls and no support, I called Next Wave Marketing at 8665612263.I called to complain about the issues, and requested to cancel the service. I talked to staff, Nikki at extension 2191. Feedback was that someone will call me back and ensure the issue will be resolved. After receiving no call back support or feedback, I called Next Wave Marketing again on 8/8/2013 to complain and request for cancel. Finally established the account on 8/9/2013, after 1 weeks of testing, the products shows many bugs, error messages appear when trying to post ads. When calling, the Next Wave again acknowledged the software issue, but had no known time line in the resolution. 8/19/2013, I received their call, and they attempted to up sale with more products. I immediately request again to refund the products. I dropped off the package with UPS , and delivery confirmation shown signed and delivered on 8/21/2013. The service has promised following key deliverables: Technical support when needed for any IT issues (required third party vender set ups) No one answers the call, and have to call multiple times to get hold of someone. Marketing tools for allowing ads to be posted on various social media (you tube scrubber feature, face book posting) Based on hands on usage of the products, it was breaking, and bugs prevent consistent ad postings Marketing writing for Strategy support 8/8/2013 call with Next Wave, and they communicated thatu2019s not supported Handheld tablet to support mobile marketing Not working on day 1 Given the lack of support and products/services provided did not fulfill what was presented. And the given contract time period was not sufficient to review and character of the products in its entirety. There was the breach of the contract from the merchant. Iu2019ve attempted to work out the solution in good faith with the merchant, but failed after trying to get support and waiting for them to get the issue resolved. DEFECTED PRODUCTS RETURNED, BUT SELLER REFUSED TO REFUND USING 3 DAYS REFUND PERIOD. 3 DAYS IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO TEST THE DEFECTS OR EVEN THE COMMUNICATION. BE WARNED, STAY AWAY FROM ANDREW MORRISON PROGRAM, OR NEXT WAVE MARKETING. I GOT RIPPED OFF $5500!!!

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