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Published: 23 March 2023

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Nextgear Capital, took illegal possession of my cars without going through any legal process. They held my cars for months making them worth less. Nextgear Capital employee, Don Little, notarized my documents, without me being present and also forged a document. I have been informed by several other customers that they also had documents notarized without being present as well. I have detaled recordings of Mr. Little acknowledging that he notarized my documents from his home and begged me not to tell his superiors. Nextgear Capital held my property and caused me tens of thousands of dollars in losses. They also retitled my cars without my consent and took illegal possesion. Their attorney, Shannon Landreth, in my opinion broke several rules and laws. I think personally she is a lying sneaky person. I believe Nextgear Capital frauded me and stole my property. They have done this to other customers and actually drove some of them out of business. Ifthere is a lawyer out there that wants to start a class action suit, I have many recordings of NextGear’s behavior. I belive that NextGear Capital, shannon Landreth and others committed consumer and bank fraud. .

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