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Published: 11 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: North Florida Regional Medical Center “Bait and Switch”; NFRMC tried to get me to have an unnecessary hysterectomy — In actuality, I had a kidney stone Gainesville Florida!!

1. I am 68 years old. This is too big of a financial burden to place upon a senior citizen with few years left on planet Earth. 2. My income is very limited and very close or at the poverty level. 3. I want to expose the fraudulent billing practices of North Florida Regional Medical Center that caused these unnecessary, frivolous, and outrageous medical bills to be placed upon me. In March and May of 2017, I ended up in the emergency room of North Florida Regional Hospital because there was blood coming out of my urine and the pain in my back was excruciating. I also had blackened out. It is highly unusual for me to seek medical treatment. I am mostly healthy at the moment, and I avoid doctors, but I am definitely getting older. I am also a part of a national group of victims who had their inheritance money stolen due to court corruption in the state of Florida. $1 million of my inheritance money u2013 my entire inheritance money u2013 was stolen from me by a few probate judges and attorneys in the state of Florida. I will never be able to recover from this loss. I work part-time on the internet as an adjunct college professor and earn a very limited amount of money. This job is very tenuous. I am offered five week contracts. There is never a guarantee that another contract will be offered to me. Without this little job, my only other source of income is social security, a mere $790 a month. In March and May of 2015, I ended up in the emergency room of North Florida Regional Medical Center. The initial test was an X-ray, which showed that I had two medium sized kidney stones u2013 one in each kidney. This was causing a back up of urine into my body and was excruciatingly painful. The wait in the overcrowded emergency room lasted more than 24 hours. During this time, I witnessed staff members literally screaming at a derelict patient, telling him that he would not be seen, and that they would kick him out if he didnu2019t stop shouting out. These harsh messages, delivered to a mentally ill man, was given in front of all of us in the emergency waiting room. The lack of respect for him was noted in the faces of all of us who sat quietly in the overly air-conditioned room throughout the night with bright lights upon us, waiting and waiting and waiting. What happened next to me is so egregious that I ended up researching North Florida Regional Medical Center on the internet. I then discovered that this hospital has an extremely bad reputation and that I am not the only victim. This hospital is known for recommending unnecessary and unwarranted surgeries on people. This is fraud. Indeed, that is what happened to me. You might say that it was a “bait and switch.u201d For

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